Study: Camu Camu Boosts Weight Loss in Mice by 50%

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We’ve been stocking Camu Camu since we began back in 2012.

It’s an incredible product we purchase direct from Peru where it is wild harvested. The super high vitamin C content is obvious once you experience the tangy flavour.

A recent study was performed by the Laval University in Quebec, Canada whereby they gave two groups of mice a high fat diet, high sugar diet. Over the 8 week study one group of mice was given Camu Camu and the other was not.

The researchers discovered that the mice that were given the Camu Camu gained 50% less weight than the control group. They also had lower blood sugar levels and reduced inflammation.

Of course, more study is needed to determine if humans will experience the same benefits – but this study is certainly promising for those looking for natural weight loss options.

It’s not the first impressive study regarding Camu Camu either. Researchers at a laboratory in Tokyo found that Camu Camu reduced inflammation in humans after just 7 days. Read more on our Camu Camu page.

Just one more reason to include Camu Camu in your diet.

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