3 Steps to moving more

Not so long ago moving our bodies everyday was just a normal part of life.
Now that so many of us spend our whole days sitting down, movement (or lack thereof) is becoming a big issue.
The benefits of movement have been extensively researched. Every aspect of our being from our joints to our mental health can benefit from movement and exercise.
The old adage of “move it or lose it” becomes more and more accurate the older we get. We must move our muscles and joints or they become weak and start having issues.
It’s so important that it’s worth making movement mandatory in your own mind. I think there’s three parts to making this happen.
STEP 1: Decide what you like
Changing your mindset involves changing your daily habits… and it is so much easier to change your habits when you are doing something you enjoy!
Spend some time working out what kind of movement you enjoy. Walking, swimming, boxing, bike riding, yoga, sports, etc, etc – the possibilities are endless!
Discover what movement gives you joy and keep it in the back of your mind for step 2.
STEP 2: Make up your mind
When we give ourselves a choice, the option to say no can becoming tempting.
Decide that you DONT have a choice – That you will move everyday no matter what.
This is particularly important for the first 30 days as this is when your brain will form the new habit.
If you can move every day for 30 days, after that your body and brain will become so accustomed to it that there will be much less resistance.
STEP 3: Make it easy
There’s going to be days you can’t be bothered exercising… so you need to make it easier for yourself to commit to it.
If you know that at the end of tomorrow you will be exhausted, then get your movement in at the start of the day.
Some days you just wont have the energy to move and these are the days when it’s the most necessary!
I use energising super foods to get my body and mind ready for exercise (even when I can’t be bothered)
Cordyceps mushroom is the mushroom most favoured by athletes because it can help to improve endurance and energy. Take 4 capsules an hour before you work out.
I Am Warrior is a super food blend that I came up with for myself. I wanted something that would boost my energy levels, improve hydration, assist in muscle repair and so much more! 
I take a heaped teaspoon of I Am Warrior in a small glass of milk or water 1 hour before exercise and I find it boosts my energy levels and mood significantly. 
Bee Pollen is one of the most nutritious foods on the whole planet and it is rich in amino acids and B6, thus it can help to boost energy levels (among many other benefits).

Super Foods to get you moving

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