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Not all super foods were created equal. We source the highest quality superfoods from around the world but the majority come from Australian Farms. We believe in supporting our local farmers, supporting local economies and providing you with the cleanest, purest superfoods.

We don’t use fillers, GMOs, flavourings or additives. Our certified organic products are free of nasty chemicals and heavy metals. This translates to the most potent superfoods in the world and products that help you to optimise your body and mind with each and every teaspoon. 

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My second month of Lions Mane, I love the taste and it has helped with my sleep and my gut. I love that it is an Australian Product. I take it at night in oat milk just before bed . Looking forward to trying more products. Thanks Forest SuperFoods

Australian Grown Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Julie Atoui (26th October 2020)

I need to share this fact with as many people as possible.

I have been plagued all my life by dry skin.

Then one day I saw myself in the mirror and I was quite frankly stunned. My skin was shining. It looked so healthy. There’s not one single dry flake on of skin on my body. It was an amazing event. There’s only one reason for this change. The Super Greens Mix.

Certified Organic Naked Greens

Simon C. (30th July 2015)

Very impressive service and the Bee pollen is actually delicious. I use it daily and will be ordering more when needed.
Highly recommend

West Australian Bee Pollen

Althea (30th October 2020)

Sexual Energy

Improve arousal and desire naturally with our range of certified organic Maca direct from Peru.


Improve Immunity

Boost your immune system naturally with our certified organic super foods.

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Glowing Skin

Feed your skin and hair from the inside out with these beauty super foods.

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Detox & Cleanse

Assist your body in removing toxins to bring your self into optimum function.

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Discover natural solutions to reduce inflammation in the body.

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Vegan Solutions

Almost all our super foods are vegan, non-animal products.

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