“Everything I try to grow… dies”

Everything I try to grow dies

You know you had to fall over 10,000 times before you learned to walk? …and growing food is way easier than walking!

Plants are simple. If they have 3 things – they thrive. If your plants aren’t doing well most likely one of these needs isn’t being met

  • Light. Most plants we grow for food want full sun (6 to 8 hours per day). Herbs can do ok with less sun.
  • Food. Plants need to eat. They need nutrients in the soil and organic matter (otherwise they can’t access the nutrients)
  • Water. Plants need water to drink. They don’t like having their roots submerged but they do need water (more so when it’s hot or when you haven’t mulched the soil)

Don’t give up! Keep trying. Keep trying to understand why the plants aren’t doing well and experiment with different locations, soil, food and watering.

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