Podcast Episode #1 – Reishi, Lions Mane + Chronic Fatigue

Forest Super Foods Podcast ep.1 is now live!

Can Reishi Mushroom potentially cure chronic fatigue and other “incurable” diseases such as the herpes viruses?

What does Reishi and Lions Mane do in our bodies on a cellular level?

Listen to this conversation with the incredible researcher Josh Leisk to find out!

Some of Josh’s scientific studies:




Ongoing discussion about his research, detailed instructions and questions/reviews from people who have used his method to combat chronic fatigue:


2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #1 – Reishi, Lions Mane + Chronic Fatigue

  1. Celia Forrest says:

    Josh I’ve just listened to your talk..so very deep so exciting. I’m an old Gal once owned a Health shop interested in God foods and their healing abilities.
    I heard you say you are starting some studies? If you need human bodies to do the trials with Maybe I can help.
    I’m losing energy and feel it’s Micronesia..of course a cascade. I don’t feel great however your talk gave me hope. Wonderingcalso if you do consults but do realize that’s not exactly your focus at the moment.
    Maybe I should give Reshi and Lions Maine another trial. I just need some guidance. Love and Light. Celia

    • Angela Gioffre (Nutritionist) says:

      Hey Celia, thanks for your message. Best to reach out to Josh directly ( he doesn’t work at Forest) to see if he needs any study participants . Thanks Ange

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