Whole Food vs Extract – What’s the difference?

There is a lot of confusion about whether an extract or a whole food is better.

The first thing to consider is what are they trying to sell? Someone is always going to say the product they are selling is the “best” and the most “potent”.

Extracts are a lot cheaper to produce and we could sell extracts. The reality is most sellers do not have access to whole foods… they are expensive to produce and not readily available – so of course they are going to say extracts are superior.

Anyone can make an extract, a small amount of the whole food can be diluted into a large amount of extract.

When you think about it, an extract EXTRACTS one or two compounds from the foods and amplifies them in alcohol or water.

I personally think that these incredible foods are far more complex than just one or two compounds. They are designed to be taken whole with all the hundreds of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc intact.. as close to the natural state as possible. This is what nature intended.

Those who claim that extracts are more powerful will generally point to the amount of an active compound in the extract… but our whole foods are consistently HIGHER in those same active compounds.

But don’t take my word for it… our customer reviews tell you everything you need to know: https://www.forestsuperfoods.com.au/customer-reviews/

I hope that helps you make an informed decision


Justin Snyder


Gut Health
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“I’ve definitely noticed a difference since I started taking this. I’ve tried mushroom extracts before and found no difference but Forest Super Food’s Turkey Tail capsules are truly great! Highly recommend.”

–  Louisa C. (23rd August 2021)

“So amazing to try an actual Australian medicinal mushroom product! And real mushroom + mycelium, not just those powder extracts from China. Loving it, taking my capsules every day”

–  Josh Kane (3rd May 2021)

Brain Power
From $79.00 available on subscription from From $63.20 / month
Gut Health
From $79.00 available on subscription from From $63.20 / month

“Great high quality product. Arrived quickly and straight forward to purchase.
Had bought powder elsewhere intially and only upon reading the ingredients did I realise that it had a bunch of fillers and was diluted in water and then extracted.
So I did some online research and saw great online reviews about this Forest Super Foods powder and it hasn’t disappointed. I have a teaspoon each day and will definitely be purchasing more as am immune system maintainer.”

–  Louise S. (25th January 2022)

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