My Go-To Super Foods

I have been fascinated by super foods since my early 20s and now I’m in my mid 30s. These days I have 3 super foods that I use regularly.

  1. I work pretty hard. I generally spend 70+ hours a week either working on Forest Super Foods or on our farm growing food. When I feel myself getting run down and starting to feel symptoms of a cold I have two teaspoons of Camu Camu mixed into half a glass of water. The taste is pretty awful but I find it gives me a huge energy boost and ward of any illness (occasionally I need a second dose the following day).

  2. When I’m feeling a bit flat or not particularly happy I take I Am Warrior for a few days in a row. I like this product because it contains 3 different types of Maca as well as Brahmi/Tulsi so it targets not just mood but also sexual energy and feeds my brain. The new blend is really easy to take and I just mix it with some coconut milk

  3. Myself and my 2 year old generally like having oats for breakfast. I add Hemp Seeds + Bee Pollen + Goji Berries to my oats for all the extra nutrients and vitamins contained in these three wholefoods.

So those are my go to super foods at the moment. What are your favourites and why?

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