West Australian Bee Pollen

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The best pollen in the World comes from Western Australia. Our ethically harvested WA boasts a wide array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and protein. The flavonoids in bee pollen assists cognitive function, whilst helping reduce inflammation. There is no better-tasting bee pollen in the World and it’s honey-like malty flavour can be used in or on-top of smoothies, added to desserts or simply eaten by the handful.

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Our bee pollen comes from Western Australia, where low pollution and a diversity of flowers means the pollen is more nutritionally complete and isn’t contaminated by potentially hazardous substances. The pollen arrives in natural granules and can be incorporated into your daily diet with ease. Try blending a tablespoon of pollen into your smoothies and shakes, sprinkle it onto cereal or as an energy-packed snack.

Our Pollen comes direct from the bee keeper so you can be confident that this is genuine Western Australian Bee Pollen. The pollen is collected from a 200km radius of Gidgegannup, WA.


Every good bee keeper knows that the secret to amazing bee products is having happy bees. Our Queen Bees do not have their wings clipped and pollen is only trapped when there is a surplus to the requirements of the hive (hence why we sometimes run out of stock for months). Our bees are continually moved to new food sources in order to keep their diet varied and their health is checked regularly. Taste the difference!

Bee pollen is considered a complete food due to it’s complex and beneficial nutrient and mineral makeup. Bees collect and naturally process the stamen from wild flowers before bringing it back to the hive, where it is collected, untouched, and packed fresh before being sealed to lock in it’s wide-ranging health benefits.


A government agricultural commission found that There is royal jelly imported from China, packaged here in Australia then exported as “Made in Australia”. * Source: This article.


There is plenty of research available to indicate that Bee Pollen has some incredible benefits for fighting illness and bacteria.

One such study was conducted by Dr. Peter Hernuss (University of Vienna) where the participants were 25 women who had inoperable uterine cancer and thus were treated with chemotherapy. Some of the women were given Bee Pollen with their meals whilst the rest were given a placebo. The women who received the Bee Pollen had less nausea, increased antibody production, increased hemoglobin (red blood cells) and less hair loss.


The buzz about bee pollen is well-warranted; this remarkable nutritional supplement boasts a wide array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, amongst many other important building blocks of a healthy diet.

Bee Pollen is extremely high in antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralise free radicals in the body caused by oxidation.

A research article published in Food Chemistry analysed a whole range of different pollens for antioxidants. The researchers concluded that “the antioxidative capacity of bee pollen was very high” (Leja, et al. 2007 – full journal article).


Bee Pollen has been used for centuries for its ability to rejuvenate the brain and help concentration. It contains flavonoids required for proper brain functioning and has been reported to help with memory and concentration. Scientists believe that many neurological issues are due to inflammation and Bee Pollen has been proven to reduce inflammation.

A study conducted in 2012 by the Ohio State University found that Bee Pollen could be used to treat neurological diseases due to being extremely high in flavonoids and due to its anti-inflammatory properties (Farooqui & Farooqui. 2012 – full journal article).


The exact nutritional content of this natural super food depends heavily upon the specific types of flowers bees visit and their environmental conditions – that is why we only stock Western Australian Bee Pollen. West Australia, with it’s amazing biodiversity and lack of pollution produces some of the most nutrient-rich bee pollen found anywhere on earth.

Bee pollen contains a range of additional nutrients and vitamins, and is often referred to as a “complete food” due to it’s vitamin makeup of the majority of B-complex vitamins, as well as vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. Small but beneficial amounts of zinc, iron, and other minerals are also present.


It’s important to note that if you have sensitivity to bees or bee byproducts, or suffer from severe allergies, you should talk to a doctor before incorporating bee pollen into your diet.


100% West Australian Bee Pollen.

West Australia.

Weight500 g

100% Naturally Harvested Bee Pollen.


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Where Does It Come From?

Our Bee Pollen comes to you from Western Australia. It is harvested from the bees who produce it naturally without any human intervention.
It is 100% natural and free from any fillers or preservatives. Guaranteed to be the best tasting Bee Pollen on the market!


106 reviews for West Australian Bee Pollen

  1. Yvette

    Great energy boost. Thumbs up for being Australian product.

  2. Michele Robson (verified owner)

    I chose this product firstly because it is Australian. Now I have tried it, I am so glad I did, the flavour and freshness of this pollen is fantastic. I have it in my morning smoothies with Super Greens and Hemp Protein. It keeps me full all morning and I highly recommend it!

    West Australian Bee Pollen
  3. Kym Gossow (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase of this product. Noticed a big difference when I wasn’t having it in the morning so had to get my hands on some more.

  4. tawfik

    i’ve been buying these now for years and it’s always been superior to anything else i come across 🙂

  5. Cameron (verified owner)

    Fantastic superfood. The taste of forest foods bee pollen is slightly sweet and malty and has a nice crunch when added to yoghurt, cereals and smoothies. Helps with allergies and gives a noticeable energy boost. Perfect for the morning before work.

  6. Gina van Zyl (verified owner)

    I have a teaspoon of this bee pollen a few times throughout the day whenever I need an instant energy boost. It works a treat and tastes really good. I like that it has a wide range of nutrients and amino acids, and instead of relying on synthetic vitamins now I have this amazing natural product to supplement my diet. Highly recommended!

  7. Trish (verified owner)

    I deliberately sought ber pollen from WA. Its fabulous. Thank you for quick delivery

  8. Justin Snyder

    We love your products. We use it daily in our diet. My partner and I use it in shakes every morning and have been for 4 months.

    Andrew has:
    300 mls water
    Heaped soup spoon of choc protein powder
    1/2 soup spoon bee pollen
    1 soup spoon chia seeds
    1/2 soup spoon I am warrior
    1 Banana
    6 blocks ice
    1/2 soup spoon organic honey
    Pinch of cinnamon
    Blend for 2 minutes

    I have:
    300 mls coconut water
    1/2 soup spoon bee pollen
    1 soup spoon chia seeds
    1/2 soup spoon divine women
    1 Banana
    6 blocks ice
    1/2 soup spoon organic honey
    Pinch of cinnamon
    Blend for 2 minutes

    We love your products. Your delivery time is fast and your website is easy to use. 5 star rating from us!

  9. Bruce G. (verified owner)

    A great product and excellent service!

  10. Julie Grampe

    I ordered the Bee Pollen and I was impressed with how fast the product arrived. I had been taking another brand’s bee pollen capsules but stopped taking them as they are now made in China instead of NZ and changed ingredients to only have 82% bee pollen (before it was 100%) and the rest fillers. It just wasn’t the same and my energy depleted. I have only been having your Bee pollen for a few days but am feeling I have a bit more energy once again. I dissolve mine under the tongue but will also try it with yoghurt and smoothies, etc as you have suggested on your website. Am happy so far 🙂

  11. Sharyn

    tastes great

    totally awesome – tastes wonderful – I can’t get enough 🙂

  12. Katinka Allom

    Delicious, great product


  13. Coralee McCarthy

    Best in Australia

    This is a high quality Bee Pollen that works!

  14. bob

    good product, good price

    I am totally delighted with this product.I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone as a dietary supplement THanks BoB.

  15. Robert Goes

    its great stuff

    I have been taking Bee Pollen for years now and I have never, never had the flue (touch wood)nor do I have the vaccine. Its great stuff.

  16. Cindy


    I’ve never thought about where my Bee pollen comes from until I stumbled upon this site and read the description. I went home and then read that the bee pollen I had been using was from imported and exported ingredients. The next day I bought this been pollen and have been using it ever since. The taste is absolutely beautiful. Much different to the previous brand. Will never buy another brand again!

  17. Christine Partington

    bee pollen

    very happy with bee pollen. Cheers Christine

  18. Steve Ryan


    I’ve had continual sinus problems for more than 10 years and seem to catch every cold and flu bug with symptoms often lasting months. Since taking the bee pollen I can breathe so much better, I rarely have sinus problems and cold and flu symptoms seem to be a lot milder and only last a few days. No days off work this year so far which is a huge difference on previous years. Coming into the colder months now so interesting to see how it goes through the next 6 months. I’m the only one in my office that didn’t have a flu jab due to several previous terrible reactions, and the only one that hasn’t had a day off sick yet. This is the only supplement I take so I have to assume it’s the bee pollen. I am actually allergic to bees too so at first I felt some mild swelling in my lips and tongue, even taking only 1/4 of a teaspoon. Now I take a full teaspoon every day with no issues.




  20. Christine Partington

    bee oillen

    Hi, Love my bee pollen. Take it every day. Can’t go without it. Cheers Christine

  21. Susan Griffin

    WA Organic Bee Pollen – By Far the BEST

    We lived in Toodyay for 12 years and bought our Organic Bee Pollen directly from our Neighbours – Bee Happy Apiaries very spoiled. On moving we found it extremely difficult to source Organic Bee Pollen so turned to the internet.

    FANTASTIC find in FORES SUPER FOODS – Freshness and Quality, along with brilliant packaging and SUPER Customer Service made our first purchase of a Kilo a Happy Experience.

    FRESH FRESH and an every day intake of just one level teaspoon under the tongue or over what ever you wish to put it on does wonders for your total wellbeing and Immune system.
    We will be Customers going forward.
    Kind Regards Susan Griffin

  22. Andy

    Great service

    Product arrived promptly, not yet noticing a difference but hopefully will soon.

  23. Boyd

    Great product and service

    We have been using this product for over 12 Months now and have found it to be of the highest quality and the service could not be better

  24. Darren C

    Great product

    Best quality bee pollen I’ve tried. Big sizing is great and also packaging helps lock in freshness. I like how the pollen is also a varied from different sources. I feel this product has improved my health. Prompt delivery from Forest superfoods!

  25. Claire

    The Price

    Great product however it has almost doubled in price since the first time I bought it. I paid $18.12 for 250g . Now I’m paying $34.75 for the same amount. So there has been a $16.63 increase in price. If a product is good, keep it affordable for the people. We all need to stay healthy.

  26. Emily H

    Blood pressure has dropped… TWICE

    Since taking Bee Pollen my blood pressure has dropped twice an l’m not on any medication, how good is that ay?

  27. Theresa

    1st time user – quite impressed

    Been using this for one week in my cereal. I have noticed brain function is a little faster. I have memory problems, so thinking can be slow and sometimes I just can’t connect to my memory. I play sudoku games and used to take 3-4 mins to complete in the past. This has lengthened to 4-5 minutes since having memory problems. I was shocked to find I am beating my previous records and taking between 2-3 minutes to complete the games. So 100% definite noticeable improvement in brain function, which is great, and I will continue on and hope that “connections” to memory improves with my continued use. Also, if anyone has prostate problems/cancer – bee pollen is meant to help both symptoms and reversing of prostate cancer, apparently the bee pollen makes cancer cells kill themselves! Nature beats surgery – love it.

  28. Nige

    Best Bee Pollen

    This is by far the best I have tasted. Will certainly buy again

  29. Jing

    Bee pollen

    I have had this for almost 2months about 3 times a week. I enjoyed eating it by topping a tea spoon of bee pollen with yogurt. So far so good!!

  30. Steve

    Amazing boost

    The first time I tried bee pollen was around six months ago, having heard about its myriad benefits. I bought some West Australian Bee Pollen from Forest Super Foods and immediately noticed the benefits during a workout. The boost in endurance, strength and energy I received from just half a teaspoon under the tongue prior to the workout was amazing. I had read that elite athletes around the world use bee pollen in their exercise regimes for increased strength and faster recovery. Reading about it is one thing but to experience it is so much better. I can really vouch for its energy boosting effects, along with the other benefits mentioned during exercise. And who knows what other benefits are also given to the body that can’t be immediately felt?

  31. Jeans daughter

    Quality Counts

    I am very happy to endorse the quality of the product and the excellence of the service. Certified organic bee pollen can be difficult to source so I was particularly pleased to find it in stock here. The delivery was very quick and the quality of the pollen is excellent.

  32. H Walsh

    Great product and service

    Great product! I love this bee pollen and enjoy it everyday sprinkled over a fruit salad for breakfast. Exceptional quality and flavour – I will definitely be ordering more of this. Thank you for the excellent service and super fast delivery as well.

  33. Josh

    such a good super food

    I am really enjoying the bee pollen i ordered, it is such a good super food! Thanks for the fast shipping and i look forward to purchasing from your website again in the near future!

  34. gaye

    Love this stuff!

    I received my first packet ever of Bee Pollen in early July. I’ve been adding it to my morning smoothie ever since. I LOVE it. I just don’t feel quite right if I miss taking it. It’s so fresh and buzzing with goodness – it just shouts “quality”!
    I will definitely be a repeat customer.
    BTW, you guys deserve an Excellent Service award – you are great to deal with. 🙂

  35. Patti from Queensland

    Bee Pollen

    Organic, delicious taste, have it in my smoothie every day.

  36. Toenail

    WA Bee Pollen

    Excellent Stuff. Am officially addicted, to the Bee Pollen and Forrest Super Foods. Flat out delivery from an Australia Company, an Australian product, in Aussie $s, you can;t get better than that

  37. Nick

    Exceptional Service

    The product is great and the service exceptional. I’ll certainly be buying from you guys again in the future.

  38. Stephanie

    Love it

    Both my daughter and I have just started using the pollen. Excited 🙂

  39. Anna

    Another great product from a great company

    Best bee pollen. Always so fresh. I will continue to order. All the products are fantastic and the company is a pleasure to deal with and the service fast and reliable. Thank you.

  40. jenny

    fast delivery

    Raw product

  41. nat4161

    Yummy Bee Pollen

    I’m a repeat customer of the bee pollen. It has a lovely flavour, is competitively priced, and delivery is prompt. It is worth reading up on bee pollen benefits, as it has so many benefits for women heading toward menopause (among other things).

  42. Anna (verified owner)

    Better than before

    This is the second time I have bought bee pollen from Forest Foods and the product just seems to get better and better.

  43. Denise

    Bee Pollen

    Fantastic service. Love the Bee Pollen. Will order again. Thank you

  44. Anna (verified owner)

    Great Bee Pollen

    Never had such a great bee pollen. Texture and taste is great.
    Great service from Forest as well.

  45. trevor


    I really didn’t expect your service to be so quick and efficient. Living in country S.A. we get used to having to wait for the “camel train” to arrive .Seeing the product derives from W.A. and having lived there previously, the old saying. wait awhile , sprung to mind. Not so ,we are very happy with both the product, that we have never previously tried before and your professional way of conducting your business. We will recommend your Company and products to all our friends.

  46. John K.

    Best Bee Pollen I Have Found

    All I can say is the response to my order has been first class as have been the quality of the Bees Pollen- I get to sample a fair bit of Pollen and have never found one as fresh , with subtle clear vibrations as your product. Even one with an Organic certification has proven to be inferior to the W.A Pollen , so please also thank the Bee keepers.
    I look forward to purchasing again and thankyou for the discount voucher- I do appreciate it.

  47. Lionking

    great product ton’s of energy

    10 out of 10 great product and is Australian

  48. Yi

    Fast post

    Fantastic service

  49. christina (verified owner)

    Keep coming back for more

    I have been having this bee pollen for over a year. I love it. The taste is great and does help boost immunity and your skin will show you the change for the better.

  50. L

    Exquisite Product

    This Bee Pollen is exquisite – comparable to the amazing WA Elixir honey’s pollen so I’ll now be buying it from Forest. I have been taking bee pollen at the end of winter in my homemade macadamia granola, as we begin to nudge into Spring, for several years. I’ve found that while the qualms of hayfever beckon family & friends I’m never affected, instead get to frolick freely among the flowers 🙂

  51. Steph

    Best bee pollen

    I have tried a few bee pollen products and I can honestly say Forest Super Foods is the best. From the smell, texture and taste- you can tell its quality. Great service as well- wonderful experience!

  52. Naza

    Verified customer

    Great product – use on all my smoothies !!!…

  53. VLAD


    Great product & Ausralian to….beauty ♥

  54. Michael

    WA Bee Pollen

    This is Really Nice I’m very Happy. Thank you very Much.
    Highly Recommended. A+A+A+

  55. MLMDVV888

    Excellent tasting, best we have had

    Very quick delivery and the bee pollen tastes awesome. We have been putting on our porridge in the morning. Will be ordering again. Thanks again.

  56. Hanhnguyenhapi

    Bee pollen

    Excellent products and good services. i truly recommend.

  57. wanneroo

    fisrt class product well worth the cost

    I recommend this product we will be ordering again soon its very good on cornflakes or any other breakfast cereal give it a try you will be well pleased

  58. Debster

    Bee Pollen Review

    I have taken bee pollen for it’s excellent health benefits for many years now and tried many different types, some good, some definitely not worth re-purchasing. Upon reading current research on pee pollen, I read that the pollen from Western Australia is by far superior to that of other origins. I was excited to receive my order so promptly and absolutely delighted with the taste, texture and colour of the pollen. I take it every morning usually under the tongue or in my smoothie. It is without a doubt the best I have ever had!! I will definitely be buying it from you again and have told my work colleagues about it too. I don’t usually review a product, but couldn’t left this unsaid.
    Many thanks and have an awesome day. Debbie

  59. Jethro

    I am buzzing!

    I love the bee pollen. It is great to add to yoghurt and smoothies. Ordered at 3 PM on Monday and was delivered by 11am Tuesday! Thanks!

  60. S. Littman

    Very Happy

    I’m very happy with the product thank you! It’s delicious. The delivery was very fast and this follow up email is great customer service.

  61. Sez

    Exceptional quality

    I love this product. It really seems to do what it says. I’ve taken it whilst feeling on the verge of getting a cold and each time I’ve woken up the next day with no trace of illness. It has a lovely crunchy texture, yummy taste and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you, Forest Super Foods!

  62. Qld Deb

    WA Bee pollen

    Love this in my smoothies; impressed with speedy delivery!

  63. Christina (verified owner)

    lovely taste for whole family

    I made my 1st purchase of bee pollen from this website recently and I can’t be happier about its nice taste. I can tell it is pure and fresh. My whole family loves it. Will continue to buy this product.

  64. Leonie

    Buzzing fabulous !

    I’m new to bee pollen magic and totally hooked. I love the option to place a teaspoon under the tongue. The little crunch over yoghurt with berries on top of cereal is a delight. Great buzz! 🙂

  65. Rorz


    Love this product recommend to all!

  66. Bogda


    Excellent product and fast delivery

  67. kenny

    first time user…very crisp and fresh

    have used other brands before but your bee pollen is the freshest yet

  68. B

    Delicious and Nutritious

    Love to ingest it sublingually in the morning for a clean and sustainable boost in energy, clearly a high quality product.

  69. brianna

    Bee pollen

    I LOVE BEE POLLEN!!! i have become addicted to this, has such a nice flavour, i put it on top of my smoothies, pancakes, yoghurt, cereal and granola ! seriously amazing 🙂 thanks forest super food !

  70. Janine

    Bee Pollen

    Delicious on cereal, yoghurt or ice cream. The texture and flavour is fresh and sweet. I have to ration it as the kids and I can’t get enough. Thank you for your amazingly prompt service too.

  71. Rob A.

    Blown away

    excellent service.was blown away with ordering one day and the next day the bee pollen was sitting on my front door. wont be going elsewhere anymore for my pollen….. a huge thank you and i will recommend your company to others…

  72. Carol D

    Bee Pollen

    Love the bee pollen. The taste is much nicer than many I have tried and I will continue with this one for sure.I have 1/2 tspn on my breakfast and dissolve half tspn under my tongue.

  73. dave66


    I recently ordered a number of products and they were of excellent quality .
    I live in remote WA and received my order with in 5 days would definitely recommend this company to anyone

  74. Adam C

    Buzzing Goodness

    Iv been taking Bee Pollen for years & i have to say that this one is the best iv ever had. This Pollen is so fresh & crunchy with a rich sweet almost vanilla taste. I keep mine in the freezer & eat a heaped spoon every morning & can go surfing or walking with heaps of energy. I don’t take any vitamin pills any more as this real superfood has everything my body needs.

  75. L. Gorman

    Wa Bee Pollen

    Super Product, I just feel so so good using this!!! and as with all forest super foods products the quality is outstanding. Thanks again for super quick delivery and free gift, It’s always a pleasure!

  76. meeeegan

    great product!

    fantastic to put on fruit in the morning and definitely helping with my allergies

  77. R Lane (verified owner)

    Unbelievable service

    This is my second order (for the same product) and, sure enough, delivery was as prompt as first time round. The product is good, the service is unsurpassable and the price is reasonable.
    What more can a customer expect ?

  78. libby

    Bee Pollen

    great taste, i have a spoonful every morning

  79. wanneroo

    wonderful pollen makes a tired day more enrgetic

    I recommend this pollen to all who are wanting a boost of energy taken in many ways with a little water or under the tongue This purchase of pollen is excellent we purchased 1 kg arrived next day I give it 10/10 the quality is first class, Do yourself a favour and purchase this lovely product

  80. Jody

    Bee Pollen

    Super fast delivery and product has surpassed my expectations. Thank you!

  81. Jen B

    Wonderful natural product!

    Just a beautiful natural food, added to my Bullet drinks it’s a bonus for a wonderful start to my very busy days!

  82. mjk


    Glad to have found this product again. Very hard to find now but this BP by far the best I’ve ever used.

  83. H Waylett

    Great in Trail Mixes!

    This product is marvellous ! Great in a trail mix, flapjacks & smoothies. I make sure we all have this in our diet on a daily basis. Buzz-tastic!

  84. Stephenry

    Other uses for Bee-Pollen

    I have been taking Bee-Pollen for years just 1 teaspoonful a day. It helps the urinary system and the prostate.
    I had an enlarged prostate 10 years ago and got onto bee pollen and I recently had an ultrasound and the prostate was back to normal. I’m 74 and used to sell WA Bee-Pollen some 25 years ago, myself.

  85. MEGAN


    Delicious in smoothies

  86. L. Griffiths

    Love that this is from WA

    I love that this is from WA as that is where I live. Very tasty addition to my morning muesli.

  87. renae (verified owner)

    love it!

    love sprinkling a teaspoon on this superfood on my protein shakes and through yoghurt! the super quick delivery by forest super foods makes me keep coming back as well as the great packaging! easy storage is a must!

  88. Ivonne

    Love this product!

    I love this bee pollen! I put a few teaspoons over my acai bowl or my vegan bircher and it’s delicious. When I have a craving for something sweet I chew on a teaspoon of this pollen and it’s fantastic, crunchy with the perfect amount of honey sweetness. My toddler woke up with a sore throat so I added a tablespoon of the bee pollen to our morning smoothie (make sure your child has no allergies to bee products), this stuff is magic and I will definitely be purchasing another kg when I’m out, thank you Forest Super Foods 🙂

  89. Poppet


    Love love love this product. Great quality at a great price. I add this to my morning smoothie with fantastic results.

  90. Sharanvl

    Bee pollen

    Awesome product full of antioxidants …great taste by itself or in porridge …highly recommend

  91. Recon

    Bee pollen

    I add bee pollen to my smoothie drinks every morning, gives me energy and my skin has improved so much. Always suffer dry skin bee pollen helps.
    General all round good health improver I’m hooked.

  92. BeeRay

    Great service

    The next-day delivery was something that caught me (pleasantly) by surprise.

  93. Ron

    Great value

    Great value for an excellent product. Ron takes it every day and has oodles of energy to keep him going in his very busy and physical job

  94. Tanya

    Bee Pollen

    The whole family loves bee pollen, especially sprinkled over raw macadamia and banana icecream. The kids love these (healthy) sprinkles.

  95. Graeme

    The best Bee Pollen!

    Thank you for the super fast delivery of my order. I have been using an imported pollen until doing some research of my own.
    What I thought was a good product I now realize could be just about anything coloured bright yellow.
    When I opened your packet it was the fresh grassy smell that first got my attention, then the wonderful taste, what a difference.
    In future this 70yr old will be doing a lot more product research before buying anything else.online, and it’s an AUSSIE product.
    Thank you,

  96. Shan

    Bee Pollen

    Delicious, excellent quality and the kids can’t get enough! Thanks for the excellent product!

  97. N. Reeves

    Excellent quality

    Prompt service and quick delivery

  98. B. Winter

    Good quality product

    Highly recommended… thank you for continuing to stock this ‘hard to find’ product.

  99. Joe K Sydney

    Great product

    Great service, highly recommeded Supplier

  100. Roman P.

    Bee pollen

    Great product

  101. MARK M.

    very nice taste and no impurities

    will definately purchase again

  102. Sandra (verified owner)

    By Sandra on 01/06/2013

    I love the bee pollen. I add a teaspoon to yoghurt. I like the granulated texture it gives to it. I needed to give a boost to my white cells and they say that bee pollen helps in the process so I will continue using it. In six months time I’m going for my next blood test so the results will hopefully prove the facts.

  103. Mish B

    Great for smoothies

    The bee pollen is brilliant – I was pleasantly surprised at the flavour. My children have developed a love of green smoothies, and these additions to them – along with cacao powder and coconut oil, have been fantastic.

  104. Kaye

    SA Bee Pollen

    Nice subtle honey flavour, very fresh, & good colour range in the granules indicating high nutrient content & quality

  105. C. Farley

    Bee Pollen

    I got the bee pollen because I have noticed its popularity in the last six months or so but hadn’t tried it except hidden in smoothies. I love the colour it adds to my cereal 🙂

  106. Debra Leighton

    South Australian Bee Pollen

    I love it, it taste sweet and fresh straight off the spoon

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