Organic Hemp Protein Powder

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Grown in Canada, our Certified Organic hemp protein power boasts 50%+ highly digestible protein and contains all the amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids your body cannot produce and therefore needs to obtain from dietary sources. Your body uses protein to grow and regenerate muscle. Hemp protein contains a healthy amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, which reduces inflammation, lowers blood pressure and decreases the risk of heart disease.

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Originating from Canada and not China (like most hemp products on the Australian market), the hemp seeds used to create this wonderful source of protein are full of nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids and have a fuller, more-nutty flavour. Our hemp protein is not hydrolized.


Soy beans, legumes and hemp seeds are all excellent sources of protein as they contain all 21 amino acids, however soy beans have been been subjected to genetic modification whereas hemp seeds are in their natural state. As the building blocks of protein, amino acids have a wide-ranging positive effect on the body. Of all 20 amino acids, the body actually produces 10 while the rest must be derived from your diet. Foods containing all of these essential amino acids combined are not common and help the body digest and absorb much needed protein.


In addition to the amazing protein-packed benefits of hemp protein powder, many nutrients and minerals are found within a single serve. With 100% of the recommended daily intake of Magnesium, 240% Manganese, 50% Iron & 45% Zinc, along with good sources of Calcium, Vitman E, Thiamine and Niacin, hemp protein powder is truly an amazing supplement to help with all sorts of ailments and diseases.


Start with one teaspoon and work up to two teaspoons (4 grams) gradually.  Add to your favourite smoothie, juice or a glass of water.



100% Canadian Hemp Protein Powder.




Certified Organic?


Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan

Ideal For

Fibre, General Immunity, Overall Nutrition, Protein, Sexual Energy, Stronger Bones, Vegetarians

Where Does It Come From?

The Majority of Hemp Seeds and powder are produced in two parts of the world; China and Canada – there are virtually no seeds being grown in Australia for commercial sale as yet. The better quality seeds are grown in Canada.
Our seeds are 100% organic and raw with no pesticides or artificial sprays used on the plants. Our product is free from additives, fillers and preservatives. You can taste the difference in quality for yourself.


28 reviews for Organic Hemp Protein Powder

  1. J. Scanlon

    Great, fast service

    Amazed how quick the order came and the products were all good and well packaged. Love the idea of the tree planting too

  2. Tony T

    High quality

    High quality product that dissolves easily and comes neatly packaged in a proper container. Very fast delivery.

  3. L. Griffiths

    High in Omega Three

    I love this protein powder as it doesn’t have all those nasty fillers and whey protein like a lot of the others. Plus it is super high in omega 3’s. Add this to my smoothie for long lasting energy.

  4. Lorna

    Hemp Protein Powder

    Using now for over 4weeks feel amazing, excellent quality, know I have finally found the protein powder I’ve been searching all these years for. Seamless Service will continue to use this excellent company for ticking all the right boxes for us online shoppers! Thanks

  5. Divine

    Nourishing wholefood

    This product seems to go down well, and mixes in just as well with water as with a smoothie. The consistency is pretty fine, which also makes it more easily digestible. It seems to have a restorative effect post-work-out.

  6. G Fisher

    verifide customer

    Really impressed , fastest delivery i have ever had !!!! Good quality product , took a few days to get used to the powder but i mix it in with orange flavored Metamucil and lemon juice and now look forward to it each morning !

  7. Justine


    love my hemp powder. I have it everyday in my smoothie. Thanks forest super foods for supplying such high grade products .

  8. dosy

    amazing product, canadian organic hemp, not the cheap chinese stuff, and amazing service, thankyou!

    amazing product, Canadian organic hemp, not the cheap Chinese stuff, and amazing service, thankyou!

  9. Scott


    We really enjoy the taste of this hemp protein powder mixed with a little milk and a few drops of maple syrup. We’re vegetarians in our 60s and don’t have the appetite we used to, hence struggling to get enough protein. We’ve found this product to be the answer.

  10. Julie

    fantastic in smoothies

    Use the hemp protein almost every day as part of our smoothies. It is a great, high quality product, tastes good and, of course, as soon as we run out, with your fast delivery it’s there a couple of days later.

  11. Elle

    Hemp powder

    Fantastic product. Have been using in my morning smoothie with coconut milk. Yum. I have so much more energy.

  12. Sean


    Wow. The hemp protein digests better than any i’ve tried and while i bought it for the kids – i’ve been throwing it into my shakes because it mixes well and doesn’t leave you with that odd bloated sensation that whey proteins do. Fast shipping, too! Very happy – will definitely shop here again.

  13. Jo

    Great product. Pleasant taste and mixes easily and lump free in shakes.

    As above

  14. Alexander

    Green goodness

    I’m very happy with the product, it tastes better than other protein powders, it doesn’t clump in smoothies and it arrived very quickly, as always. The container is great and has a handy scoop.
    The one thing i would point out is that it is green powder, not white like in the picture.

  15. Nuttapol

    Feeling better than ever

    This is the best alternative for protein powder, no more breaking out and constipation. Whey protein does makes you get bigger faster from the hormone but at the same time it makes your skin worse…. rough and acnes. I am glad that I finally found my bestie. Very satisfied with the promptly service as well.

  16. Ramz

    Hemp protien

    Awesome product. Will definitely purchase again. Service is 100% as well.

  17. Ann (verified owner)

    Best hemp protein ever !

    Amazing product , very satisfied , best hemp protein I’ve tasted ! Great customer service and very fast , prompt delivery ! Thank you so much

  18. Anna

    Hemp protein

    Blends well and tastes fine but not sure about it yet as I have not given it enough time. I thought it was going to be white like other proteins. Not sure how it’s going to go in my bliss balls. Also the protein content does not seem to be a high as in other powders.

  19. Keith

    Quality product

    Easily digestible. Take mine in a morning smoothie with yogurt/milk/honey/muesli/banana/frozen berries/almonds. Take it easy at first. Handy scoop comes in the canister. Very fast service. Awesome Company to deal with.

  20. Apolonia

    Great taste and great results

    I bought the Organic Hemp Protein Powder because it was required in an energy balls recipe.
    When I received it decided to use it with my breakfast cereal.
    Almost immediately found I had extra energy and as it states on the container that it lowers cholesterol have decided to use it every day. Happy to read that it is grown in Canada and 100 percent Certified Organic. Love the taste. Very satisfied with the speedy delivery.

  21. Alice

    Love it!

    Thank you for your excellent service and product. I just tried the organic hemp protein powder and loved it.

    I will be ordering from Forest Super Foods again in the near future.

  22. KIRSTY

    Great Product

    I’ve been using this in my smoothies and for post workout. It does not have a strong taste at all in the smoothies and mixes well. The service was great and speedy delivery. This one is definitely going to be a regular protein powder.

  23. Kathleen G.

    Thank you, thank you for providing quality products

    I received my parcel thank you, on Tuesday, after ordering on a Friday. I live on a rural property out of town and picked it up from the post office.
    I returned home and immediately sampled both products, hemp protein powder and Macca powder and continue to consume each day. I am very happy with both products. It is the first time I have tried your products.

    The brands I had tried from the local health food store were out of stock and I was looking to try other brands anyway as the two products were just not good quality and I was thinking I would never find good quality again. I have previously worked in the health industry and for a hemp food company and know the difference between the real thing and poor quality.

    So, thank you, thank you, for providing quality products that are truly from their stated origin. It restores my faith that there are companies providing true products. I will recommend your website to friends and family.

  24. M.East

    Hemp protein powder

    A high quality product and finally a non-animal source of protein I can actually digest easily. Highly recommend.

  25. Margaret

    My second order

    Hello Justin
    I would like to thank you for 2 day delivery also the Organic Maca Powder is really good and the Organic Hemp powder is very good also my second order.
    Many thanks

  26. Grateful (verified owner)

    Quality product

    Everything about the hemp protein makes sense, and taste sensors love it too. A great addition to my lifestyle approach as healthy choice. Thank you.

  27. Rachel

    Superior protein, noticeable results

    Absolutely recommend this product to raw nutrition and vegan clients, those training regularly, beauty therapists, friends. The most easily digestible protein and highest quality. Have absolutely noticed a difference in digestion and absorption to when I was consuming pea and rice protein in the past. The hemp contains far more superior health benefits and is allergy friendly. Love mixing this in a protein shake with organic banana, cacao, acai, coconut water, probiotic & berries.

  28. Shauna

    Quality & benefits

    What a great product, l have autoimmune disease & have learnt the hard way how imperative it is to consume products such as this one. It”s the best quality l could find & my body is thanking me for it. Service is excellent too, so now l have trust in a great place to shop to keep my health. Will be buying other goods here.

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