Certified Organic Canadian Hemp Seeds

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With an abundance of minerals and nutrients, just one serving provides a quarter of your recommended daily intake (RD) of Iron, 80% of the RDI of Magnesium and over 100% of the Manganese RDI. Loaded with healthy fats Omega-3 and Omega-6 and in a perfect ratio, hemp seeds promote cardiovascular health. Rich in gamma linolenic acid (GLA), hemp seeds help to balance hormones and reduce inflammation to help with arthritis and joint pain.

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Organically grown in Canada, we can say with confidence our hemp seeds are the most nutritious on the market. Our Hemp Seeds are packed with protein and all essential amino acids and you can actually taste the difference in quality!


Used for thousands of years, the hemp plant is one of the most medicinal, sustainable & useful plants known to man. It’s seeds have an incredibly rounded & balanced nutritional profile, contain masses of protein and all essential amino acids amongst other fantastic health-boosting benefits. Actually a fruit rather than a seed, hemp seeds taste similar to pine nuts, have a soft texture and a mild nutty flavour.

A study performed concluded that Hemp Seeds are a “A nutritionally complete food product that also exhibits several active pharmacological properties” (Leizer et al. 2000).  Full Journal Article


Hemp seeds are an incredible source of plant-based protein, boasting a massive 33% protein whilst containing every essential amino acid. As the building blocks of protein, amino acids have a wide-ranging positive effect on the body. Of all 20 amino acids, the body actually produces 10 while the rest must be derived from your diet. Foods containing all of these essential amino acids combined are not common and help the body digest and absorb much needed protein.

Research published in 2008 analysed the protein content of Hemp Seeds. The conclusion reached by the researchers was that the protein isolated from the hemp seeds were much more nutritional in amino acid nutrition and more easily digestible compared to Soy Protein Isolate. The researchers found that Hemp Seeds can be “utilized as a good source of protein nutrition for human consumption” (Wang et al. 2008 full journal article).

Hemp seeds rich protein content and full amino acid profile make this super food ideal for vegetarians or those on vegan diets, as it can be hard to find protein-rich foods from plant based sources.

Research published in the Euphytica journal in 2004 concluded that Hemp Seeds do not just contain “high-quality storage proteins” that are easily digested, but also contain “nutritionally significant amounts of all essential amino acids” (Callaway. 2004 – full journal article).

Additionally, it is widely accepted that most western diets are very rich in Omega-6 oils and lacking in Omega-3’s. The ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 oils should be approximately 4:1. The modern day diet typically sees this ratio at 10:1 or higher.

This imbalance has been shown to contribute to a variety of ailments in clinical research including inflammation, diabetes, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease (full journal article).


Use as you would sunflower seeds; sprinkle over muesli, add to baking or eat by the handful (30g).



100% Canadian Certified Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds.



Weight500 g
Certified Organic?

Nutritional Info

100% Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds.



Where Does It Come From?

Currently Hemp Seeds are only produced in two parts of the world, China and Canada, there are no seeds being grown in Australia. The better quality seeds are grown in Canada.
Our seeds are 100% organic and raw with no pesticides or artificial sprays used on the plants. Our product is free from additives, fillers and preservatives. You can taste the difference in quality for yourself.

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52 reviews for Certified Organic Canadian Hemp Seeds

  1. Fiona mcQuie (verified owner)

    Beautiful product, wonderful sprinkled over salads and in smoothies.
    Can always rely on Forest Superfoods to deliver quality, so I don’t go
    anywhere else.

  2. Daniel

    Highest quality hemp seeds I’ve ever had. Amazing taste. Great in smoothie or on creal and yogurt.

  3. Jessica


    Very yummy addition to my smoothies! Gives me more energy too

  4. Jessica


    Very yummy addition to my smoothies! Gives me more energy too

  5. Ann

    Hemp seeds

    Very pleased that they come in a light protecting container, and sealed well, they taste fresher than other Hemp products.

  6. Ava

    I recently ordered the Hemp Seeds

    I’m so pleased I have come across this source and this product since I’ve received it has not disappointed. I am adding these to my morning smoothie and know they are good for so many different things but the main noticeable benefit for me so far is a distinct reduction in my anxiety levels which is an issue I’ve battled with for a long time. I didn’t realise they could help with this when I bought them; I bought them as a general ‘tonic’ but the more I learn and feel better on these the more convinced I am. I wish they came in a larger sized canister!


    High Quality Product

    I use this product every morning. It gives me the energy and protein to get through my day, and it helps my digestion.

  8. Bradley Medcroft

    Fantastic quality

    Great tasting high quality product – highly recommended

  9. Deb

    Love it!!!!

    Great product great price. Highly recommend.

  10. Deb

    Love it!!!!

    Great product great price. Highly recommend.

  11. Binny

    I love

    I love the seeds and oil. I have the seeds with sourkraut for breakfast and the oil later in the day.
    I am almost sure I am sleeping better and seem to have more energy – early days yet but will keep you posted.
    Good luck with your products.

  12. Darren C

    great product

    I tried this as I was looking to add more plant protein nutrients into my diet and it delivers. Taste is great which has a pine nutty flavour and being a raw food makes it versatile in your diet.

  13. FiFi

    Always looking for something to zing up a salad!

    Only just started using so too early to determine health affects but very positive. Great tasting. YumO

  14. Karen (verified owner)

    Hemp Seeds and Maca Powder

    Fantastic high quality products. definitely will place order again.

  15. Rory

    Beautiful hemp seeds

    Enjoying these immensely. Extremely aromatic. Appreciate they’re Canadian, too.

  16. Shae


    Super quick delivery! Great tasting! Would have been 5 stars, but I’m saving that for the aussie-sourced hemp seeds! Thankyou!

  17. Thomas B

    Always great quality

    i love it, tastes great and great tub.

  18. Elena

    Great Hemp Sees

    Great product with the fast delivery. I will definitely order more once I finish these packages.

  19. Shaz

    Fast delivery

    Great product, A+++ service
    Will definitely be purchasing again.

  20. Cindy

    Love this product

    These are the softest, tastiest hemp seeds I have bought. You can taste and feel the quality. I love them in smoothies.

  21. Mukas

    Hemp seeds

    I love the Hemp seeds! Fastest delivery ever which was amazing! Thank you for the high quality product- I’m one very happy customer!

  22. Angel

    verified customer

    So fresh. A product that delivers. I was very impressed with the freshness. I think the quality standards are high and it shows with the end product.
    I love the speedy delivery too.
    I’m so pleased to have discovered you.
    Thank you

  23. Margie

    I feel a lot better

    I have just placed my 2nd order. I have been taking the hemp seeds very day. for the last 2 weeks, they are just like pine nuts.
    I feel a lot better in my general well being.

  24. Elle

    Hemp Seeds

    Fast efficient deliver…, since having Hemp seeds I feel so good..I think they
    have helped eliminate my arthritis pain in my knees..thank you for a wonderful product…

  25. Eva


    It was all excellent, love the Chlorella and the mixes. Love the hemp seeds and your amazingly fast delivery!!
    Thank you

  26. Anna

    The best

    These are by far the best hemp seeds I have ever bought. Alway fresh and no hard bits in them which I have experienced from other brands. Will always continue to buy.

  27. symphony

    fantastic product and speedy delivery

    Delicious and nutty. Versatile. Tastes good in cereal, oats, salads, rice (added after cooking), yogurt, smoothies, and more. It’s healthy too so what else could you ask for. It was my first time trying hemp seeds and I’m now a fan.

  28. badboy

    Awesome addition to my super green shake

    If research the benefits of hemp seeds you will know how good this stuff is. I have added it so my shakes and also as a sald dressing as the taste is very good. I highly recommend

  29. Lynda

    Hemp Seeds

    Thanks for taking the time to answer questions I had after placing my order. I’m in WA and received my product the very next day. I’m satisfied that quality is imperative for you, and therefore I am now a committed customer. Thanks – and a great incentive to know that you’re contributing to re-forestation. x

  30. Tez

    Organic hemp seeds

    I found the seeds seemed to be a lot fresher than the previous seeds I was taking. This may be partly due to the packaging; the Canadian seeds are sealed in a container whereas the Harvey seeds were in a sealed paper bag with plastic lining. I was also very happy with the amount of time Justin spent on the phone explaining more about the product and the advantages of buying from Forest Super Foods. I will definitely continue to buy seeds from you guys. Cheers Terry.

  31. lynda

    organic hulled hemp seeds

    Fast delivery. Love the hemp seeds – tastiest I’ve had! Will be ordering from Forest Super Foods again.

  32. Ann (verified owner)

    The best hemp seed

    Fantastic product , great quality , exceptional service with next day delivery ! Can’t ask for better ! Thank you !!

  33. Janey

    Organic Hemp Seeds

    Will definitely be buying these again, best product!

  34. Anna

    Organic Hemp Seeds

    Great product. Great texture. Best hemp seeds I have eaten.

  35. Karen

    Such a great product and very fast service

    I am in love with these hemp seeds – I will definitely be a frequent customer 🙂 Thanks for a wonderful product.

  36. Cindy


    Incredibly fast delivery. The best hemp seeds I have eaten. Thrilled to have found this company.

  37. squire

    best quality hemp seeds

    superior quality hemp seeds that come with a handy scoop.

  38. lee

    organic hemp seeds

    Good food..
    Quick delivery

  39. Elle

    Organic hemp seeds

    Fantastic service and delivery, the whole process very easy…thank you. Very happy with product, just as described.

  40. Phill Traianou (verified owner)

    Great Product, Great containe, Great Service

    One of the best non-dairy proteins on the market along with a perfect container supplied with a speedy delivery….Priceless

  41. Alexander C.

    Good stuff

    My hemp seeds arrived next day (pretty good for free postage), and are good quality and are packaged in a good jar with a handy long handled scoop. Use them daily.

  42. G. Fisher

    verifide customer

    Fastest delivery i’v ever had from any one thank you . I love these little nourishing tasty Hemp seeds, wish i had thought to try them years ago, but better late than never !! Looking forward to all the health benifits i can squeeze out of them lol

  43. dietitian clare

    great protein boost!

    I have only recently started using hemp seeds as a protein boost in my daily smoothie. I am vegan so my protein choices are limited; I find hemp seeds to be a convenient addition to my diet.

  44. Laura

    Hemp seeds

    Extremely good value (compared to previously purchased brands) seeds were perfect texture and consistency, blended perfectly into protein balls and have a slightly sweet taste. Very fast delivery, neatly packaged- highly recommend

  45. EatLiveYoga

    Awesome product

    I have been having a tablespoon a day with my muesli or in a smoothie for the last three months and my physical strength has really improved in my yoga practice…I love hemp seeds…awesome super food 🙂 thank you

  46. Gabriella

    Lovely, tasty product and fast delivery

    I love to put these on my porridge and my salad. They are tasty and I feel so healthy eating them.

    Thanks for great service and btw – I love the design of your website and the products!

  47. Alex Encel

    I think the hemp seeds are very good

    I think the hemp seeds are very good and I like the fact they come from Canada rather than China. The service has also been very prompt and efficient! Alex Encel

  48. Don

    First time ordering.

    Fast efficient service and great products.

  49. Renae

    Just what i was after!

    great product and loved how it was packaged, easy storage!

  50. Jess

    Lovely product, delivered fast.

    Thank you for my lovely order. Delivered fast, and with a great container and useful scoop. You’ve thought of us customers when creating your products.

    Feeling warm and fuzzy about the native tree you planted on my behalf.

  51. B. Winter

    Fantastic product… superior quality

    Great container supplied with the product also, which is a bonus.

  52. Kathryn Y.

    Superb business

    Quality products delivered to my door so quickly! I will be a regular customer 🙂

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