Certified Organic Naturally High Energy Blend

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Instantly increase your energy with a potent combination of eight powerful super foods. Containing an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients and powerful detox properties. Boost your immunity and feel naturally high without the comedown of a coffee with Naturally High.

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weight: 250g

This potent combination of over seven amazing super foods not only provides energy when you need it most, it contains an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients and powerful detox properties.  The ingredients are believed to assist with:


Five all-powerful green foods including; chlorophyll, an amazing blood cleanser & builder which increases and replenishes our red blood count, whilst helping the body rid toxins and heavy metals. Utilise the power of Organic Wheatgrass, Organic Spirulina, Organic Chlorella, Organic Barley Grass & Organic Moringa all at once!





With up-to 60 times more vitamin C, 10 times the iron and three times more niacin than oranges plus a host of other health benefits, Camu Camu also contains powerful pytochemicals and helps reduce inflammation through it’s high vitamin C content and antioxidant properties. Just 1/2 a teaspoon of Camu Camu equals 400% of the recommended intake of easily digestible Vitamin C!


High in fibre, rich in anthocyanins, essential fatty acids and all important antioxidants, the Acai Berry is a fantastic all-round super food. Acai Berries have been shown to promote anti-aging, give the immune system a kick-start and can also help reduce the risk of heart disease. The fact that they contain no sugar is an added bonus.


Offering eight times more concentrated Omega-3 than salmon, lower cholesterol naturally with these amazing seeds originating from Peru. High levels of protein help build muscle and regenerate cells, while a concentrated dose of magnesium relaxes the nervous system.


Start with one teaspoon and work up to two teaspoons (4 grams) gradually.  Add to your favourite smoothie, juice or a glass of water.



100% Certified Organic Ingredients:

Organic Spirulina (15%), Organic Australian Wheat Grass (15%), Organic Australian Barley Grass(15%), Organic Chlorella (15%), Organic Moringa (15%), Organic Acai Powder (10%), Organic Chia Seeds (10%), Organic Camu Camu Powder (5%)


Camu Camu – Peru. Acai – Belize. Wheat Grass – Australia. Barley Grass – Australia. Chia Seeds – Mexico. Chlorella – China. Spirulina – China. Moringa – India.


Weight250 g
Certified Organic?

Where Does It Come From?

Camu Camu – Peru. Acai – Belize. Wheat Grass – Australia. Barley Grass – Australia. Chia Seeds – Mexico. Chlorella – China. Spirulina – China. Moringa – India.



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35 reviews for Certified Organic Naturally High Energy Blend

  1. Kym Gossow (verified owner)

    Thought I would give this a go and so far very happy. Will be back for more of this one.

  2. Sandy (verified owner)

    True to its name, have more energy and and clarity. Brilliant and highly recommend.

  3. Perry (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my breakfast drink, and I’m very excited… Forest Super Foods really do provide my foundation and Naturally High is perfect component.

  4. Kirsty Turner (verified owner)

    Noticed a difference almost instantly. Love this product

  5. Sandra (verified owner)

    my 5 star go-to morning smoothie! It is the best!

  6. Deanne Dash

    The Naturally High Product is Amazing i have felt so many benefits from taking this
    ( Physical and Emotional ) ..this will be another Definite product also..Thankyou Forest Super Foods for your Service In Quality…..Never leave us online Shoppers we would be lost without you ..

  7. Dougal & Kelli Steven

    Received the Natural High product and have added to morning shakes – the taste is pleasant and not overpowering. A great way to boost the morning routine and start the day with a nutrient boost.

  8. Katinka Allom

    Amazing Results

    A perfect addition to my going to the gym more frequently.

  9. Sophia

    Packed full of goodness

    I mix this with coconut water and occasionally non dairy protein powders. Has a matcha smell, taste wise on it’s own is a bit hard for me, hence why I mix it with coconut water. Otherwise if it was straight water, I would drop in some maple syrup or rice malt syrup to make it more paletable. Looking at other companies, this had so many more ingredients packed into one packet.
    Would repurchase in future.

  10. Daniel Gregel


    Nice taste and good for the whole body



    I tried ‘Naturally High’ on a whim and I’m glad I did. I have noticed over a few days that my energy levels have improved. The flavour is nice and the price is right.

  12. Bradley Medcroft

    So simple

    This is a great way to get a quick boost of vitamins and minerals as well as some filing protein. The flavour is pretty mild and palatable, but if you hate ‘green flavour’, I highly recommend mixing with the cacao powder and some coconut milk for a delicious and nutritious vegan smoothie.

  13. Johnny Tien

    Feel amazing

    I mixd this with the black maca blend. After day 3 of taking it, i started to feel super fresh. My mind was so clear and was able to focus on my studies and work. I did feel that energy. I will buy this again when i run out!

  14. jackie

    review of the Natural High product

    Recently bought the Natural High, one week in and loving it, It really does work. Takes a bit to get used to the taste, I love it with banana,

  15. cm

    great product

    Great product. easy to consume and easy to fit into daily routine. a highly recommendable product to purchase

  16. Eva

    I find it tasty!

    I have used the Natural High for 2 weeks now and I love it! It is the first ‘food’ I have every morning, and I find the lightly astringent taste pleasing, even though I only use it with water. I’ve added it to smoothies as well, and it adds to the taste! Another great product of yours! Thank you!

  17. KD

    Excellent product

    This product tastes great by itself or in protein shakes. It also gives me long lasting energy throughout the day with no crash. Would highly recommend this product.

  18. Mary


    It has been just over a week of drinking this product each morning for breakfast. I feel different – a lot more energetic and more alert and no desire for the coffee hit later in the morning. I don’t think I can do without this miracle juice now. Could not drink it on its own but have been mixing it with other juices. Love this superfood. Thanks also for the super fast delivery.

  19. Matthew


    I love the products I got. The super juice stuff is amazing. Great product and great service.

  20. Julie

    sooo… easy

    We used to buy all the individual ingredients of this mix and add to our smoothies. This is a very convenient alternative and sooo… easy! We love it. 🙂

  21. Dario

    Good boost

    Good Energy boost! 🙂

  22. Amarilla

    Who needs coffee??!!!!!

    Order this product Weds night, arrived Friday morn. Brilliant service. Tried 1tsp today in my green smoothie and holy schmoly!!! I’m a hardcore strong espresso drinker and this stuff has blown my mind on day 1. I’m super alert, focused, clear headed and none of those caffeine jitters. I’m hooked!

  23. Fathima

    Lots of energy

    I am almost done with my first pack and will definitely re-order this. I put a teaspoon in my morning green smoothie, and this gives it the extra kick. No coffee needed!

  24. Helen

    Great blend to start the day.

    Smooth and easy to enjoy. Super quick delivery and fantastic customer service. I look forward to trying other products.

  25. Ant

    A great blend!

    This is a great blend of superfoods that I had been taking individually previously. I have tried this product before and loved it, I will continue to use this in my morning smoothie with Brain Food and Nopal. Try Naturally High if you want to feel the difference!

  26. Lally

    It’s a Must for all Men

    This product takes a little getting used to but it’s all worth it. Wow

  27. Josie P

    Fast Post, Good product

    Ordered this at 3pm got it the next day at 9am. Super fast postage. Tastes very “green” but Im sure ill get used to it. Very happy with purchase.

  28. L. Gorman

    Naturally High

    Wow this packs a punch, I add this to my Green Smoothies in the morning It does have a strong taste so I have just added a little more lemon to cut through the ‘Greenness’ of it but just simply knowing the plethora of health benefits in this perfectly chosen combination is good enough for me. Both Hubby and I are trying to eliminate caffeine so lets see if this is the solution….. Let you know…..

  29. S.Laing

    Good product, quick service

    As always service was super quick, not a bad super green product, I enjoy the Chia seed however I still find it a little rough in texture compared to others. Great to mix in to most smoothie bases (suit a fruit base)

  30. Justin F

    Amazing! Great Product

    This is a wonderful product. Can’t believe how well balanced it made me feel. My digestive system calmed down, and I gained an overall feeling of good health. I highly recommend this product.

  31. Monique

    Surprisingly tastes good!

    This product surprisingly tastes really good! I add it daily to my afternoon juice with extra wheatgrass powder and so far I’m loving it. I also love that it has acai powder, camu camu powder and chia seeds in it.

  32. Lucy


    Wow, this stuff is magic! I’ve been adding it to my morning smoothies and found that my energy levels are much more consistent. And the taste is great – adds a lovely nutty flavour.

  33. M. Turner


    excellent for detox – tastes great in smoothies

  34. Penelope K.

    Super juice, super green!

    This tasted absolutely revolting on it’s own with water, but was fantastic shaken with milk. Added a pureed banana and it was great. Love it when the little chia seeds go all slimey! It is very green!

  35. Kathryn D.


    OMG this is such a great product! It actually really helps improve the smoothie taste, which I guess is from the Acai. Love the mix so much! So many great products mixed into one. My fave: the new Nudie beetroot, carrot, mint juice you can buy in bottles, half a frozen banana, handful of frozen blueberries, 2-3 ice cubes, handfull of kale and spinach and 1-2 teaspoons of this mix (try half a teaspoon first and build up)… YUMMY!! I also add in Bee Pollen and Barley Grass powder too 🙂

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