Unfiltered Tasmanian Hemp Oil Capsules

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Size: 120x Gelatin Capsules, 240x Gelatin Capsules + Free Shipping
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  • Will not show up in a drug test + will not get you stoned
  • Unfiltered high-quality hemp oil
  • Richer in Chlorophyll and other nutrients than other brands
  • 120x Gelatine capsules per pack
  • Grown in pollution-free Tasmania
  • Cold-pressed for maximum nutrient density
  • Assists in reducing inflammation naturally
  • Proven to lower blood pressure
  • May promote better heart health
  • Known to assist with arthritis and joint pain
  • Delicious nutty flavour

Can this product be taken in conjunction with other super foods?

"Our products are all natural whole foods and in almost all cases taking more than one of our products is beneficial as they compliment each other."

* I am talking in general terms only. Check with a professional if you have any concerns.