Mycelium/Growing Substrate – is it just a filler?

Our 100% Australian Grown Medicinal Mushrooms have gone kind of viral all over the internet. I have had a number of people ask why the mycelium/growing substrate is included… we even had a troll on socials insisting that it is just a filler! 

The article below (and the short video) is all about mycelium + the growing substrate and why it is important to include in our medicinal mushroom products.

First off, it certainly isn’t a filler. A filler is something cheap added to a product to “bulk” it up. Adding the mycelium and growing substrate is more labour intensive and thus more expensive than just selling the fruiting body.

What is it?

“Mycelium” is the root structure of the mushroom.

“Fruiting body” is the part of the mushroom that grows above the surface

“Growth substrate” is the medium used to grow the mushrooms. We use organic brown rice for this.

Why is it important?

Online it seems those who sells products with mycelium in it think it is important and those who don’t sell it believe it is not important

But what does the research say? Well there seems to be plenty of it in support of the mycelium/substrate inclusion in the finished product.

One such study between NIS labs and FP separated the mycelium from the brown rice and tested it. They found it was “extraordinarily active in supporting immunity”.

What about the brown rice?

Interestingly, they found the brown rice substrate was also immunologically active in a different way to the mycelium.

“In my scientific opinion, mushroom products not incorporating mycelium are at a decided disadvantage, given the results of recent research.” – Paul Stamets

My final thoughts

At the end of the day we have to listen to people we consider to be experts on specific topics.

Paul Stamets may be the most well renowned mycologist in the world. He has dedicated his whole life to mushrooms.

For me, if he says the mycelium is imperative for maximum benefit – then that is good enough for me.

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