We Could Make our Super Food Mushrooms Cheaper…

super food mushrooms cheaper

I’m always the first to admit it… our mushrooms are more expensive than other brands. But we could make them cheaper!

We could stop producing them in Australia and just import them from unverified overseas producers like everyone else does. Does it really matter if they are grown in a polluted environment?

We could stop using the whole mushroom and just sell extracts that are mostly alcohol or water. Surely the non-soluble parts of the mushroom can‘t be that important?

We could also stop preserving the nutrients through freeze-drying and opt for cheaper drying methods like everyone else does. It would mean our mushrooms will contain less nutrients and vitamins in them…

We could save hours extracting every piece of mycelium… and just offer half the active compounds in the finished product. Do people even know what the mycelium is?

The truth is, you can‘t cut costs without cutting corners. And while I’m in charge – we will never do that. 

If you want the highest quality functional mushrooms, it has to be Forest Super Foods.

Best-Selling Super Food Mushrooms

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Rest well
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