What’s the story?

Back in 2004 I was a 20 year old with no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I found myself travelling around India searching for answers.

One day I came across a store selling this strange, dried green algae – they claimed it was a great source of protein, iron, beta-carotenes and so much more. It was Spirulina.

I had always known that our diet and nutrition were important for our well-being and now I had discovered the first of many incredible whole foods that could improve energy, nutrition, immunity, brain function and so much more.

From then on I was fascinated with super foods and finally in 2012 I started Forest Super Foods with a close friend out of the garage at my house.

From the very beginning I wanted to use commerce to make the world a better place, so we have always worked with small independent suppliers and given a portion of sales to rescuing endangered rainforests in Australia.

In those first few years it was just the conviction in what we were doing that kept the lights on!

Now just 12 years later, Forest Super Foods has been sold in dozens of countries and is trusted by thousands of Australians to supply the best quality super foods available. 

I often think back to the first lesson I learnt at business school; “you have to make profit your priority“. Luckily for me, my grandfather taught me a different way of doing business.

One of the lessons he taught me is to always look after your customers and they will look after you. It’s about creating a reciprocal relationship.. not trying to squeeze every dollar.
It’s why we grow so many of our products in Australia rather than bring them in from overseas at a fraction of the cost.
It’s why we use freeze drying to lock in the most nutrients possible. 
It’s why we sell whole foods with all active compounds intact instead of diluted extracts.
This focus on looking after my customers has worked well for me, just like it did for my grandfather.
We promise to always supply the best quality, purest super foods  and we don’t destroy our amazing foods with flavours (ie: “salted caramel”), processed sweeteners (ie: “stevia extract”), additional processing (ie: “extractions”) or cheap fillers.
If you want the best quality whole foods that improve your quality of life – you have come to the right place.
If you have any questions or feedback please contact us.
Justin Snyder


Australian Grown Super Foods
Nutrient dense super foods
Freeze dried to maximise nutrients
Whole foods with all active compounds intact (just like it is found in nature)

2012 – 2017

Super foods were still relatively unknown in Australia. Business operated with just two of us working to secure strong relationships with farmers who operate to a high standard.

2017 – 2020

Word of mouth helped us to grow to a point where we could do our own in-house manufacturing and order packing.

2020 – 2023

Forest Super Foods is now the market leading super food company in Australia. 12+ Employees dedicated to changing lives.

My favourite super foods:

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