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I Am Warrior is the all natural, organic super food mix for men who want to get the most out of life and love. This brand new blend contains 5 of our favourite super foods that when combined help to improve your sexual performance, brain power, muscle density, energy levels and immunity.

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Some reported benefits of the ingredients are:


We are kinda famous for our Certified Organic Maca Powder that is grown in Peru by traditional farmers at a high altitude – the way it has been grown for millenias. It is dried immediately after harvest and each step of the process is certified organic.






Certified Organic Ingredients:

Organic Maca (25%), Organic Coconut Water (24.8%), Organic Black Maca Powder (10%), Organic Red Maca Powder (10%), Organic Hemp Protein Powder (10%), Organic Tulsi Powder (10%), Organic Brahmi Powder (10%), Tapioca Maltodextrin (natural starch) (0.1%), Silicon Dioxide (natural anti-caking agent) (0.1%).

No added sugar. No preservatives. Nothing artificial. No fillers.


Maca – Peru, Hemp Protein – Canada, Tulsi – India, Brahmi – India, Coconut Water – Brazil.

Weight0.25 g
Certified Organic?


Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan

Where Does It Come From?

Mixed at Forest Super Foods HQ in Melbourne.
Country of Origin:

Black Maca – Peru
Tulsi – India
Red Maca – Peru
Hemp Protein – Canada
Brahmi – India


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12 reviews for Certified Organic I Am Warrior

  1. Lionel (verified owner)

    Great quality product, fast delivery. Have been taking maca for years. This blend of maca is awesome.

  2. Kumanan (verified owner)

    Order arrived in a day. Great service, will shop with forest super foods again for sure.
    Love the product, can feel a slight change in my energy levels. Looking forward to the long terms benefits.

  3. Olivier (verified owner)

    Awesome product. I have been using it for one week in conjunction with Black Maca and I can already feel the difference in terms of energy levels. Highly recommend it.

  4. Tenelle

    Great Christmas stocking filler for any man in your life. it’s an
    impressive product!

  5. Aaron Welsh (verified owner)

    Good flavour. Feel a bit of clarity, focus and energy.

  6. Chris

    After taking this for 2 weeks with a healthy balanced diet I must admit I have noticed the effects in the gym and in the bedroom! If you drink alcohol and eat a lot of processed foods then it won’t really work but as part of a diet full of greens and wholesome foods then you can’t go wrong.

  7. Ben D

    I found my energy and vitality increased,

    There was a little bitterness at the end but that is easily overcome with adding a strong acid such as lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to balance the bitter after taste making it much more palatable

    • Justin Snyder

      Hi Ben,

      We have recently modified the product, same great benefits but a much nicer flavour.

  8. B Davies

    The product has been fantastic with its stated health benefits.
    My mood and libido are high
    I’m feeling happier and stronger
    Add apple cider vinegar, lemon juice , lime juice or any good acidic juice it will balance out the bitter aftertaste

  9. Rantej Kandola

    This product is amazing. True superfood for the true health-conscious males. I only use a teaspoon because of its strong flavour.

  10. Darren C

    I’m very happy I tried this product as I tended to only use Maca. Great that it incorporates different mixes which I find a good combo. I feel this has improved my mood and anxiety and definitely libido. There is a bit of a aftertaste but not very strong. Overall this a product worth trying!

  11. Ben

    I used to buy a lot of the black maca powder but decided to give this new blend a go ! a week has gone past since I’ve started using this and I am happy that its helping me in the ways it has stated but the only negative of this product is the aftertaste. It is very strong and could be a turn off for some people. I take mine with a lot of milo to try and get rid of the aftertaste.

    • Justin Snyder

      Thanks for your review Ben. We have recently made some changes to I Am Warrior and the flavour has been improved dramatically. Try it out and see for yourself!

  12. allryeteathen

    Yep! Not only does this stuff work really well, it tastes really good. How rare is that with stuff that’s actually good for you?

    I’m nearly 54 years old and have just started a small courier business…so suddenly I’m doing a lot more physical stuff (e.g. local courier work, moving furniture & driving long distances).

    I’ve been using this in combination with ‘MACA POWDER’ and I’m well pleased with my energy levels and stamina. Well worth using. And the Maca Root makes the ‘I AM WARRIOR’ a lot easier on the taste-buds.

    Great product and particularly great website and purchase process. Overall, very impressive.

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