I’ve travelled the world for almost a decade, sourcing the finest superfoods on the planet…  The truth is I’ve found the majority of them growing right here in Australia.

Lead by a nutritionist, we work with cutting edge science to make sure that we nourish you, build a stronger you with the most remarkable foods on the planet.

What makes our super foods the best there is?

Our products are whole foods the way nature intended not a cheap extract. In an extract you give up part of the food in preference for another part.

Almost our entire range is Certified Organic, meaning there are no pesticides, fertilisers or nasty chemicals used in the farming, processing or handling at any stage of the process.

Being Certified Organic also restricts the use of GMO’s or radiation treatment upon the product’s arrival in Australia. A strict audit trail is maintained at every step, guaranteeing the certified organic product is not tampered with.

When it comes to packaging we go the extra mile to ensure maximum freshness. Our products usually have on average 18 months before the best before date so they remain fresh for longer.

We package our products in foil lined bags for extra insulation against moisture. The packaging is heat sealed to avoid risk of tamper and comes with a resealable zip to keep the nutrients in.

We utilise freeze drying in the vast majority of products we sell. This is because freeze drying is (almost) nutritionally equivalent to eating the food fresh!


If at any point up until the end of the product life (ie: best before date) you feel as though the product is not of the highest quality – I insist you return it for a refund. It doesn’t matter if the product has been opened or not.

Just contact us and we will do the rest.