There’s 4 reasons why a super food subscription makes sense

✓ Cancel or suspend anytime – We aren’t trying to trap you. You can suspend or cancel anytime you like.

✓ Save 15% monthly – Every subscription order saves you 15% off the regular price.

✓ Price Locked In – The price you pay when you first subscribe won’t change (even when prices go up).

✓ Priority Stock – When we are running low, subscriptions get priority

How to set up a subscription?
On the product pages just select the “subscribe & save” option rather than the ‘once-off’ purchase option.

Subscription FAQ

When you go to my subscriptions you can change your subscription period, put your subscription on hold and cancel your subscription.

To update your address go to my subscriptions and click on the active subscription.

Inside the subscription is a button that says “Change address”

You can add products to your subscription by first logging in and then adding the new subscription product to cart. You can then go to the cart page and click “add to existing subscription” box.

Click on this image to see exactly how to add products to an existing subscription

You can use Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal to create a subscription order. Afterpay is not allowed.