We speak for the trees.

Why protect the rainforest?

The survival of human beings and all animals depends on us protecting the “lungs of the planet”.

Rainforests are home to a huge variety of plants and animals not found in other areas.

We are proudly a platinum supporter of rainforest rescue. A not for profit company that locks up ancient rainforest forever.

You can help us protect an ancient rainforest with every order. $1 from every order is donated to protect endangered Australian rainforest.

“Land secured by contributions to Rainforest Rescue hold carbon in components of its trees (i.e. stems, branches, and roots), forest debris (i.e. leaf litter and dead wood) and even the very soils itself.”

– Dr Cheesman (James Cook University)

How does it work?

Since opening our doors in 2012 we’ve saved a portion of the proceeds from every order to help protect the environment.  Back then we planted a tree for every order, resulting in almost 6000 trees being planted and brought to maturit

y in endangered areas around Australia.

Nowadays we’re partnered with Rainforest Rescue who’s important work in the Daintree purchases and protects the biodiversity of high conservation value rainforest, re-establishing rainforest through planting, maintenance and restoration.

We donate $1 from every order you place to Rainforest Rescue.

“Given Forest Super Foods contributions… 462 tonnes of carbon have been retained in forests, while at the same time helping to protect the unique flora and fauna of this biodiverse and fragile ecosystem.”
– Dr Cheesman (James Cook University

Want to do more?

Rainforest Rescue deserves all the help they can get with their wonderful efforts to protect the Daintree. Click here to see how you can help!

Every order you place with us saves endangered Rainforest forever in Australia.

Listen to the Forest Super Foods podcast episode with Dr Cheesman. In this episode we cover:

  • How does the rainforest help combat climate change?
  • How does Rainforest Rescue protect endangered rainforest?
  • How is Forest Super Foods contribution with Rainforest Rescue spent?