Fighting the good fight.

Since opening our doors in 2012 we’ve saved a portion of the proceeds from every order to help protect the environment.  Back then we planted a tree for every order, resulting in almost 6000 trees being planted and brought to maturity in endangered areas around Australia.

Nowdays we’re partnered with Rainforest Rescue who’s important work in the Daintree purchases and protects the biodiversity of high conservation value rainforest, re-establishing rainforest through planting, maintenance and restoration.

Every order you place with us saves endangered Rainforest forever in Australia.

6000+ Trees planted IN WA by CARBON NEUTRAL

Thanks to your orders placed from 2012 – 2015

2,500 SQM of rainforest SAVED in queensland.

Thanks to your orders placed from 2016 – 2017

Lot 27 Cape Tribulation RD, QLD LOCKED UP FOREVER

Thanks to your orders placed during 2018 – 2020

7,500 SQM of rainforest SAVED in queensland.

Thanks to your orders placed in 2021 – 2022

We are proudly a gold supporter of rainforest rescue. A not for profit company that locks up ancient rainforest forever.

The survival of human beings and all animals depends on us protecting the “lungs of the planet”.

This is the difference your contributions have made to one property over a 4 year period. It’s incredible the difference we can make when we work together!