Peck your way to better health

Who knew that by keeping chickens you’d be healthier, and I am not just talking about the eggs that they produce.

Recent research published in the Journal of Paediatrics suggests that interaction with farm animals may offer unique benefits in strengthening our  immune systems.

The study showed a compelling correlation: infants raised in proximity to farm animals exhibit a lower susceptibility to infectious respiratory illnesses compared to their counterparts without such exposure.

This finding and many others highlights the importance and symbiosis of  relationships  between humans and animals in fostering wellness.

One of the way’s farm animals contribute to improved immunity is through microbial exposure.

Animals are teeming with diverse microbes, from bacteria and fungi which we inevitably come in contact with during interactions.

This bacteria is believed to act as a natural immunisation, helping the immune system to recognise and combat pathogens effectively.

Its also about the emotional benefits of interacting with animals.

Caring for animals fosters empathy, responsibility and a sense of connection to the natural world, which in turn alleviates stress and promotes emotional support.

Reduced stress levels are associated with enhanced immune function.

So time to get some chickens? You must watch this video where Justin explains how to keep and care for chickens. 

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