Certified Organic Black Maca Powder

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A few units of our Black Maca still available from our Amazon Store (located in Dandenong, Vic)

Black Maca is known as the most potent of all three Maca varieties. It’s used to boost mood, combat fatigue and stress, and strengthen memory and learning function. Studies also point to black maca as an effective sperm booster for men.

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The ‘standard’ Maca is known as yellow Maca but there is growing scientific evidence that each variety (yellow, black and red) has different strengths in terms of its health benefits. Whilst the outside of this special root is either yellow, red or black – the inside is more or less the same colour.

Black Maca is the Maca of the brain. Used to boost your mood, combat fatigue and stress and strengthening your memory.


There have been a number of scientific studies that looked at the effects of Black Maca on memory and learning. One such study published in 2007 looked at the effects of Black Maca on learning and memory in mice. The researchers concluded that Black Maca “signfiicantly” improved memory impairment (read full article).

Another study published in 2011 looked at how Black Maca affected Mice that had had their memory impaired. For 35 days Mice were given either distilled water or Black Maca, they were then put through a series of tests to evaluate memory and learning. The researchers concluded that “these results demonstrated that black maca can enhance learning and memory” (read full article).

Another study found that out of all three Maca types, Black Maca had the most promising effect on latent learning (read full article). Latent learning refers to learning which is not immediately evident but rather demonstrated once a reinforcement is given.


Research published in 2009 measured cycling improvements in athletes over a 14 day period of taking Maca. The researchers concluded that Maca “supplementation improved 40 km cycling time trial performance” (Stone, Ibarra, et al. 2009 – full journal article).


A study published in 2006 looked at how Maca affects sperm count. The study found that “Black maca affects sperm count as early as 1 day after beginning of treatment.” (read full article)

Another scientific study published in 2008 looked at what it is in Black Maca that increases sperm count. The researchers concluded that it may be the antioxidant component.


A study published in 2012 looked at the effects of Black Maca on a range of different aspects of the female reproductive system of mice. The researchers found that Black Maca had a positive impact on embryo implantation and uterine weight and it also helped to regulated the reproductive cycle (read full article.


Our Maca is grown at 4200m above sea level in Junin, Peru. We purchase direct from the indigenous farmers who have been growing Maca in that region since before recorded time. The farmers sun dry the Maca and then ground into a fine powder, at no point are any fillers or additives used. It is guaranteed premium quality and comes to you certified organic so you know it is free of pesticides, herbicides and radiation.

Please be careful who you buy your Maca from. A lot of Peruvian Maca is now being shipped from China and the quality may be compromised. Our Maca is guaranteed to come direct from the growers in Peru.


The ancient Incans used maca root as far back as two thousand years ago, when it was revered not only as a staple crop, but as a potent medicinal herb. Folktales about this high nutrient food describe how Incan warriors consumed large quantities of the product before going into battle to increase energy and strength.

In 2015 1,300 tons of Maca was exported around the world. Recent scientific research demonstrates Maca’s ability to impart energy, to balance and assist the hormone system and to act as a natural aphrodisiac (particularly for men). It also contains a huge amount of nutrients, minerals and all essential amino acids.



Rather than providing hormones to the body, Maca acts an an adaptogen, meaning it responds to each body differently. If a particular hormone is being produced too much, maca will regulate the body to produce less. And if the body is producing not enough, it bumps up production.

In 2005 researchers performed a 9 month study of Maca’s effect on female hormones. The conclusion was that Maca acts as a toner of hormonal processes and that it is a serious potential alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (Meissner, Kapcynszki et al. 2005 – read full article).

Maca stimulates and nurtures the hypothalamus and pituitary glands (named the master glands) of the body, which in turn regulate the adrenal, thyroid, pancreas, ovarian and testicular glands. Sexual development, tissue function, mood & growth are all dependent on a healthy hormonal balance, and Maca is incredible in it’s ability to do achieve just that.

Maca has been traditionally used by herbalists to treat PMS problems, menopause, hot flushes, increasing energy & endurance and for the treatment of depression rather than using hormone replacement therapy.

In a double-blind study published in The Journal Of The North American Menopause Society, Maca was found to reduce depression and anxiety in post-menopausal women and to also improve sexual dysfunction (full journal article).


This organic super food delivers a beneficial amount of plant-based protein and around 8% of maca is dietary fiber. A number of important fatty acids and essential amino acids (of which 18 out of 20 are present) are also present. Maca also contains energy boosting and immune revatalising Vitamins B1, 2, and 3, along with small quantities of C, E, and B6.


Known as a great tool for men to enhance sperm count and improve sexual function, Maca has began to be known as nature’s alternative to erectile medicine. Several studies have shown Maca to have a positive effect on sexual dysfunction.

A double-blind study found that people with diagnosed erectile dysfunction showed significant improvements when taking just 3g a day of Maca. Libido also markably improved (Dording, Fisher, et al. 2008 – full journal article).


Maca has also been used traditionally to help improve male sexual health. As far back as 1653 a writer by the name of Father Cobo noted that he had seen first hand how this incredible super food could improve sexual health.

A study published by the University of Peru found that Maca improved the sperm count and testicular weight of rats when given daily doses over 14 days (Gonzales, Ruiz, et al. 2001 – full journal article).


Maca is a root vegetable similar in appearance to sweet potato. Like Sweet Potato, it comes in a few different colour varieties (but once it is grounded they all look more or less the same).

Maca root is available in Yellow, Red and Black and each colour appears to have slightly different strengths in terms of the benefits it provides:

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Yellow Maca: The ‘standard’ Maca taken for overall health benefits, hormone balancing (women), etc.

Black Maca: Research has shown that this Maca is the best for improving sexual health in men and women and for combating fatigue.

Red Maca: This Maca has been demonstrated to be the most effective at improving prostate health and protecting the skin against sun damage.


Start with one teaspoon and work up to two teaspoons (4 grams) gradually.  Add to your favourite smoothie, juice or a glass of water.



100% Certified Organic Peruvian Black Maca Powder.




A study published by the University of Peru found that Maca improved the sperm count and testicular weight of rats when given daily doses over 14 days (Gonzales, Ruiz, et al. 2001 – full journal article).

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Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan

Where Does It Come From?

All Forest Super Foods Maca is guaranteed to come direct from the growers in Peru.


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32 reviews for Certified Organic Black Maca Powder

  1. Marisabel Acres (verified owner)

    A physiotherapist advised me that my leg tendon was irreparable damaged and I am taking this Black Maca for general well being and I have gone back to do aerobics and although my foot still hurts after 2 classes, now I can make 2 classes per week which is amazing after not being able to stand up for 10 minutes.

  2. Olivier (verified owner)

    Awesome product. I have been using it for one week in conjunction with I Am Warrior and I can already feel the difference.

  3. Troy (verified owner)

    I was a little apprehensive at first but I mix this with naked greens and there is a definite result. I feel great and have a stronger libido and training has been more sustained too.

  4. Dean (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, Great taste, helps to make you feel your best and it’s ethically sourced!!!

  5. Perry (verified owner)

    What a huge surprise this Black Maca is: it’s not black! But it _is_ yummy, and works really nicely in my almond/coconut milk.

  6. Cameron (verified owner)

    Forest super foods black maca powder is an amazingly tasty and beneficial addition to anyone’s diet. I have been taking black maca for its adaptogenic properties and it really does taste great over oats, porridges or mixed into smoothies.

  7. rodney Carr (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed the black Maca for some time now . It gives me a good energy boost. I continue to order.

  8. Sarah Blinco (verified owner)

    Fantastic, I feel like my mood has elevated and is helping me through a stressful time. Bonus: hubby is happy with the extra fun bedtime snuggles!!! Thanks black Maca

  9. Sandra kasdar

    Does black maca powder increase estrogen levels. Have a history of breast cancer in family my mother.

    • Justin Snyder

      Hi Sandra, Maca is known as an adaptogen which means it can increase or decrease hormone levels in the body (including estrogen) depending on what your body requires..

  10. Deanne Dash

    OMG,,I feel so much more energised Taking the Black Maca,,Great Quality Products From The Team at Forest Super Foods..Showing Results within a Week Of Taking ..I will Definitely be purchasing this product again..Thanks Heaps Guys.

  11. Gulraiz humayoon

    Good quality and service

    Very good in quality. I recommend forest super foods for the best quality of their products and good service

  12. Linda Murray


    Definitely receiving energy boost benefits from taking this powder. Energy benefits showing witinin one week.

  13. Ronald Jarosz

    great product

    I do a lot of training and have been taking black maca for a week the response was almost instant my strength levels have increased and I just feel a lot better in myself thanks

  14. carol charles


    This product is great on cereals or mixed with a fruit drink.
    Couldn’t live without it!

  15. karl heckler

    no bullsh#t ,good product , service………….

    as described , quick delivery , country of origin guarenteed

  16. CJ

    Great Product and Good Quality

    This is by far the best Maca powder I have tried. It really gives me the energy to help me get through the day.

  17. Kym (verified owner)

    Love it

    I have been using this in my hot choc everyday for months and love it. I am sure it’s making a difference. And so much better for you than normal hot chocs

  18. Winnny


    Good quality maca and fast delivery

  19. Johnny

    Its great

    I mixed this with the Naturally high blend and i feel amazing. I do really feel focused on my work. I would buy again when i run out.

  20. Winny


    Good product:-)

  21. Dana

    Black Maca gives me energy

    The extra flavour to breakfast is great, I have notice my energy levels have increased and I don’t feel tired in the morning anymore.

  22. Matcha

    Quality worth the price tag

    Much more expensive than other brands but the best one that I’ve tried thus far.

  23. Paul

    Most Potent Black Maca on the Market

    Thought I’d give this Black Maca brand a try, being organic and also being Aussie company…
    Honestly having the best experience on this product due to its potency and high grade of Black Maca.
    Having tried a few different brands of Black Maca this is a standout.
    Quedos to Forest Super Foods for bringing this quality to our shores.

    I will be a regular customer for sure!

    Cheers guys!


  24. Maddie A

    Best maca powder on the market!

    I love the black maca ! I mix it into my chia pudding with breakfast every morning and can feel the effects. My body and mind respond – I’ve never looked so good. Much stronger than other macas on the market.

  25. Frank

    Amazing product Black Maca

    I found the Black Maca more palatable than other varieties. The effect for energy and concentration is immediate. Going strong at the end of the day!
    Totally recommend just step up the dose to suit your needs. I put in smoothies and coffee with honey.

  26. Wayne

    Tastes Great

    Order came very quickly and now I am enjoying a great product. Thanks again

  27. For my mom

    My mom loves it!

    I send this to my mom and she loves it so it makes me feel good!

  28. Edge

    Black Maca, organic and fantastic

    A great product for men. Noticed increases in energy and power.

  29. Anna (verified owner)

    Love it

    I just love Forests Black Maca. I feel so good, have heaps of energy and just love dipping my spoon into the smooth product and sprinkling it on my muesli in the mornings. Never felt so good since I started using it.

  30. Ruuku

    black maca. yum yum

    Ok so ive tried most maca on the shelf. Generally all have a bitter finish and you jam fruit and sugars to fix this. THIS maca however is malty and smooth. I have it with a flat teaspoon of honey or drinking chocolate and its so good. I even got my local health food shop to stock these guys and im cheering!

  31. Rossi

    Enjoying the Maca experience

    Love the extra flavour to breakfast cereal and have continued to order.

  32. Anna (verified owner)

    Love it

    I have never tried black Maca before and I thought it would be black! It is a beautiful smooth creamy coloured powder which is fine in texture. Tastes great, my energy has certainly improved and so has my memory. Will certainly be buying it again.

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