Australian Organic Wheatgrass

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Grown in Australia and processed fresh with a specially developed low-heat-drying technique, our Wheat Grass is procured from young leaves rather than juice, keeping the natural fibres of the leaf intact and requiring no chemicals to dry. A whopping 70% chlorophyll helps stimulate human tissue growth and repair, while its nutritional profile matches fresh vegetables. 

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Wheatgrass contains a massive 70% chlorophyl (repairs human cells) and so nutrient dense that 100g is estimated to be the equivalent of 23kg of fresh vegetables. It is an incredible super food with a whole host of benefits including; clearer skin, reduced inflammation and more energy.

Added to fresh juices and smoothies, wheatgrass powder detoxifies the liver, assists with weight loss, is great for healthy hair & skin and aids the digestive system.

A widely-enjoyed use of wheatgrass is in regular small doses for the purpose of detoxifying. Some people believe that the high chlorophyll content is an effective agent for ridding the body of heavy metals. As chlorophyll is similar in atomic structure to our own red blood cells,it is easily absorbed by humans and helps the body build red blood cells which carry oxygen to every cell, improving regular blood flow throughout the body.


As with most healthy greens wheatgrass contains a host of important vitamins, such as A, C, K, and B6. It is also particularly rich in vitamin E, and contains iron, zinc, and manganese which help complete the amazing nutritional profile of this highly beneficial plant product.

Wheatgrass delivers a high concentration of these essential nutrients in comparison with whole fresh vegetables.

“This plant is believed to have many nutritional values; it has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, immunomodulatory, laxative, astringent, diuretic, antibacterial and anti-aging properties… Wheatgrass juice helps in building red blood cells and stimulates healthy tissue cell growth. 100 g of wheatgrass powder is equal to 23 kg of fresh vegetables. (full journal article).


Our wheat grass is grown on an Australian organic farm using sustainable agricultural practices and is free from pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilisers.

Our wheatgrass is steam sterilised and as it is a winter crop, the fresh leaf is harvest between May and September. The leaf is dried immediately and stored in a coarse form until we have to fine mill it – the fine milling is done all year round.

Wheatgrass should be taken an hour before a meal – this allows for the body to fully metabolize it without competing with other foods.


Start with 1/2 teaspoon and gradually increase to 1 teaspoon (4 grams) per day over a two week period. Add to your favourite juice or smoothie for a powerful health kick.



100% Australian Certified Organic Wheat Grass.



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Ingredients: 100% Organically Grown Wheatgrass


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Where Does It Come From?

Our certified organic wheatgrass is grown right here in Australia. It is grown using sustainable agricultural practices and to the high standards we have come to expect in Australia.
It is free from pesticides, herbicides and synthetic ftertilizers. Our product is 100% wheatgrass with no fillers, additives or preservatives.


55 reviews for Australian Organic Wheatgrass

  1. Trisha G

    Wheatgrass Powder

    Never bought Wheatgrass Powder as i am a ceoliac so thought it had gluten in it, however i was mistaken, tastes great and ideal in juices and smoothies 😀

  2. Jack

    Wheat Grass

    Recently, I have ordered two bags of wheatgrass powder and I was impressed with the delivery service which is less than 2 days.

  3. D. Leighton


    I now add this to my morning smoothy taste great and sooo good for me 🙂 Your service is impeccable!!!!

  4. Nicole Finn

    Wheatgrass is great for you

    I cannot take chlorophyll due to allergies but I wanted a product to help my digestion and cleanse my system and the Wheatgrass is great, and very well tolerated.

  5. Beata

    great service

    Great website and customer service very fast delivery so looking forward to get more stuff

  6. Sarah

    Wheatgrass Powder

    The noted health benefits of wheatgrass are amazing! Quite a strong flavour, but palatable mixed with a smoothie!

  7. Holly W.

    Product is amazing!! Absolutely love

    Product is amazing!! Absolutely love it! Also love the little sachets you get to test other products!

  8. irma r

    Products and delivery

    I am impressed with products and services within 2 days received the goods. Keep up with service and I am continuing to buy your products. Well done.

  9. Priscilla W.

    Wheatgrass Powder

    Hi, I’m quite happy with the Organic Wheatgrass Powder that I ordered, your speedy delivery and great customer service! I am a very satisfied customer! Many thanks.

  10. I. Rasyid

    Australian Wheatgrass

    Good service

  11. I. Rasyid

    nice product

    Quick response and fast delivery

  12. Cheryl K


    This product is just gorgeous! I love it. I’m sure I can feel it soaking into my body, making me feel healthy and energetic. Divine!

  13. Dave R

    first time

    Still liking what it is doing and here so fast just great in a smoothie enjoy

  14. Ina

    I have my friends also on to it now.

    I am so happy i came across Forest health food. I have never seen a variety like this in the health food stores. Great service and they take care in packing the products.

  15. shane


    Wasnt sure at the start but am 100% postive now how good & time saving this is..luv it & taste isnt bad either

  16. Monique

    So good for you!

    After reading someone’s review I purchased this product and add it to my afternoon juice alongside the Naturally High Super Juice Powder and it’s amazing! Would recommend to everyone! It’s a must-have product.

  17. Lex

    Best price

    I use wheatgrass in my morning smoothies and love it. This is the best price I’ve found so far.

  18. markd

    great service great product

    Started on the powder just over a week ago my aim was to use in Nutribullet to reduce bloating very positive so far feel great people are commenting “skin looking” better cant explain that but main aim is to make body more alkaline reduce the bloated feel so mall good

  19. Mathew

    Great Product

    Premium quality cannot fault, best served in vege capsules

  20. Gringo

    For your intestines

    Wonderful product,

  21. Janine (verified owner)


    This is my second packet of wheatgrass. My husband has suffered with cellulitis and itchy skin problems on his legs for many years but since taking a daily dose of wheatgrass he hasn’t had to apply any cream to his legs and the skin looks normal – no redness and no itching. Thank you for this wonderful product.

  22. Jun

    Very impressed

    To my surprise, it tasted quite nice in my smoothies and I would even drink it with soy milk in the morning.
    It is also very affordable, as you would only use 1 teaspoon at a time.
    I also loved the fast delivery

  23. MEGAN

    Detox brilliance

    Love the detox factor of this and also a great pick me up energiser before exercising

  24. Bovey

    This little powdered green is absolutely awe-inspiring.

    I feel fresh!!!!!! I feel good!!!! I feel healthier!!!!!!!!! That’s right!! This humble wheatgrass ticks all the boxes when it comes to being healthy. My overall mood for the day skyrocketed when I know I’ve cared for my health. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

  25. B

    Clean taste, refreshing to drink

    This product will undoubtedly become a staple in my diet for the foreseeable future, a high quality product. Even better I can sleep calmly knowing it was produced in Australia!

  26. Andrew

    Nice Australia Wheat Grass

    highly recommend to buy this wheat grass it Australian and it organic and worth the price for some think that organic very nice taste good to mix with juice and other detox products i mix it with matcha green tea

  27. theprofessional

    very good wheat grass

    this wheat grass so good it has a nice taste and gives you more energy through the day. I think it has no bad stuff added in it all australian and organic

  28. Lien

    Excellent Service

    I am very impressed by your service. My goods arrived within 24 hrs of ordering. The wheat grass powder is more palatable than freshly juiced wheat grass.

  29. llme

    Success with hair regrowth

    I had been reading up on the causes of greying hair and some peoples suggested reversal remedies for the problem. Wheat grass and molasses were mentioned several times.
    Using a mix of these 2 ingredients daily mixed with some fruit juice to make an easy drink, I have had some success. Even though my hair is not back to its previous dark blond colour, it is certainly not white any more. It is growing back a light blonde, which is a colour some people pay a lot to achieve.
    I have been having a lot of stress in my life and theorize that this was depleting my body of necessary minerals. I plan to increase the once daily dosage to twice daily to see if the hair will change even more.

  30. Evelyn


    very good

  31. irma


    i am happy with customer service handling with irder and issues, they intouch quickly, i highly recommend to buy this wheat grass as good for health, natural and no negative effect.product is organic and worth the price for some think that organic very nice taste good to mix with juice for early morning stamina.
    well done

  32. Kate

    Best Quality

    I have been using this in a smoothie. I love the fact all products are organic. The service and delivery are second to none, thanks for a great product.

  33. Anthony

    Great Quality

    Great quality organic wheatgrass. Provides a smooth taste, mixes easy and provides a easy/clean detox. Service and delivery was both quick and easy.

  34. Maria

    verified customer

    Excellent quality organic wheatgrass. I love the fact that the product is made in Australia. Fast delivery, great service. I recommended it to all my friends both – the product and the site.

  35. Martia L

    Very good product and service

    Australian Organic Wheatgrass is a product I highly recommend to anybody who care about ones health. Quality is superb. Service is excellent! I’m very satisfied customer.

  36. Joel

    Great product and service

    Highly recommend this Australian product and many more from this company. Palatable tatste, good price and great service.

  37. Presha

    I’ve never felt this good before!

    I’ve started taking forest super foods wheatgrass powder since one and half month and I have to say that I’ve seen tremendous improvement in my energy levels. I work and study full time and by end of the day I still feel good. I’ve never felt this good before. My digestion system has improved and I’m seeing a lot of positive changes in my over all health. Also I’m so much at peace that I’m taking my regular intake of greens without fail. The taste surprisingly is not at all bad. I would highly recommend this. I give it 5 starts.

  38. Rossco

    Super product

    When I took my first delivery of this supplier’s wheat grass (and barley grass) I was impressed with its green-ness and fresh-ness compared with at least one other previous supplier. As an older australian I am horrified at just how degraded our food supply has become over the decades. I feel I am getting so much more concentrated nutrition with the grasses/sprouts. I will continue to buy from this supplier.

  39. Chelsea

    Great product

    Highly recommended products!!!

  40. David (verified owner)

    I love it!

    I absolutely love Wheat Grass powder. I have it every day with fresh orange juice or water, and with Super Greens.
    I’ve been using these products for a few months and I feel great; more energetic, healthier and not as hungry as before. I am eating whatever, but have lost weight because the powder juice keeps me full most of the day.

    Thank you so much for such wonderful products.

  41. Alena

    Great wheat grass powder

    That is very good product. I have every day.

  42. champ

    wheat grass

    Just ordered your wheat grass powder and i love the taste and its benefits its given me in this short time I’ve been taking it love it.

  43. Mitch

    Well Done

    I have much more fluidity of movement and a calm composure- Well done on a great product and prompt service!!

  44. Del

    Great product

    Organic, Australian grown and great taste and quality – what more could you ask for? I had heard and read that wheatgrass is very healthy but not tasty , but was so pleasantly surprised to try this product! I love the taste and have it in my smoothies. I have definitely noticed an improvement in my digestive system and my hair is much stronger and doesn’t fall as much as it used to. Am planning to try the Spirulina Sprinkles next. Am a great fan of the quality, service and ethics of this company. Thank you.

  45. Theresa

    Energy boost and liver detox

    Been using a small amount in fruit juice so taste minimised and look forward to it now – seems to give me more energy and drive. I would say it makes me feel “peppy”. Thanks.

  46. Spence No1

    A good product!

    A good quality product at a reasonable price.
    The only downside was that delivery took too long due to the Christmas/New Year break. I believe the fact that their warehouse was closed during this time should have been shown on the website when ordering.

  47. James

    Great stuff

    Adding it into a fasting eating habit plan really helps with time! My body feels like it’s adapted to wheat grass powder quickly and my general appearance has changed in a positive light also

  48. Rantej Kandola

    Great Product!

    The product is great. I could not start my day without it. A great new addition to our green drinks without bad taste or texture.

  49. Alibaba

    Australian organic Wheatgrass Powder

    Superb organic product, tastes good, no residue, no after-taste. Great knowing I’m getting my potassium/nutrients , feeling all the better for it.
    Service is second to none, delivery superfast. Highly recommend.

  50. Nipaporn Wanpake (Tukta)

    Wheat Grass Powder

    Delivery very fast, and I like the test too also smell really nice!!

  51. Ruby

    Good quality product highly recommended

    Excellent product
    Feeling very good after drinking the wheat grass powder.

  52. Richard Tschur

    Fantastic stuff!

    I use the wheatgrass now for around a year and this is by far the best quality wheatgrass on the market!The taste is fantastic,you can see and taste the freshness of the product,I highly recommend it and I hope,this company will keep the quality of the products as it is!

  53. Chris

    Feeling Energised

    I have this mixed in with Barley Grass and I am Warrior although I add berries to it so it doesn’t taste too leafy. I can definitely notice the health benefits as I did not get sick this winter while also having more energy and better recovery from the gym.

  54. danielle

    I purchased the wheatgrass powder and by far it is the best one I have had. The taste is smooth and not powdery like other brands. You can taste the greens.
    My parents have swapoed their greens for this one too and they love it.
    Keep up the good work!

  55. Chris (verified owner)

    In the morning I I start the day with a fruit and spinach blitz of recent time I have added some wheat grass powder , my only comment on the wheat grass is you need something to overcome the taste it would be good if you had a apple or pear powder

    Some fruit powders would ad some sweet taste

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