Best Bee Pollen & Banana Chia Pudding

best bee pollen banana chia pudding
Breakfast lovers – this is the best bee pollen infused chia pudding you’ll make!
Chia seeds are an excellent source of fibre, helping you to feel fuller for longer, making this banana and bee pollen chia pudding a great breakfast option. The best part? You can whip it up the night before, then grab and go in the morning!
Our Western Australian Bee Pollen is a nutrient-rich super food that provides slow-release energy for the day ahead. It also adds a delicious honeycomb flavour to your breakfast – so good you’ll be eating it straight from the bag! 


  • 6 tablespoons chia seeds
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 500ml milk of choice (we love coconut!)
  • 1 tbsp Bee Pollen
  • chopped banana


Place all ingredients in a jar and whisk to combine, stirring repeatedly every 10 mins. Then place in the fridge overnight.

Stir again the next morning. Serve with chopped banana and a sprinkle of bee pollen.

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