Certified Organic Raw Cacao Powder

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Dried at very low temperatures to prevent loss of nutrients, our Cacao powder is a rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. High amounts of magnesium help relax muscle pain, while making you feel good and dopamine and other mood boosting chemicals provide a noticeable increase in mood. Turn any smoothie into a chocolate delight or use in baking and as a healthy treat.

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weight: 500g


Our Cacao is grown from the Criollo Cacao beans. This species of Cacao is known as ‘The King of Cacao’ due to low fermentation. Our Cacao is cleaned and dried at very low temperatures to prevent heating and loss of nutrients. It comes to you certified organic so you know it is free of pesticides, herbicides and radiation. This product is guaranteed 100% Cacao with no fillers or additives of any kind.


Various tribal cultures, including the ancient Aztecs, are known to have used this super food as a stimulant, mood-lifter and general source of nutrition. Cacao beans were even used as currency in Central America many centuries ago.

Stacked with flavonoids, antioxidants and essential minerals including large amounts of magnesium, the rich taste of organic cacao powder can be added to a wide variety of dishes to deliver an incredibly rich flavour along with a range of health benefits.

In general, this review invites the question: is dark chocolate legitimately considered a “health food”? The weight of evidence reviewed here would seem to support a qualified “yes.”  (Full Journal here)


It has 4x the amount of antioxidants of goji berries, helping protect the body eradicate free radicals. Free radicals are unstable chemicals that damage cell membranes and attack healthy cells which can lead to disease and damage of the body. Raw cacao powder is so high in antioxidants it tops the ORAC chart (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), a rating system devised by the USDA to measure levels of antioxidants in food.

Along with its high antioxidant content, cacao powder contains a massive 10% total flavinoid content. Flavonoids can have a substantial positive impact on overall heart health, and are have been shown to prevent various types of cardiovascular disease. While in a study performed in 2017:

Researchers found altogether, research on the effects of cocoa and chocolate on human cognition, although at its preliminary stage, converges at pointing to cocoa as a new interesting nutraceutical tool to protect human cognition and counteract different types of cognitive decline, thus encouraging further investigations. (full article here)


Raw cacao powder can help to encourage positive, happy feelings due to it containing pleasure-boosting chemicals. The neurotransmitters regulate the pleasure centre in the brain, and cacao powder has enough of these pleasure-boosting chemicals to provide a noticeable increase in mood and general feelings of well-being.


People often confuse Cacao with cocoa as they both come from the Coco bean. The difference is that cocoa is usually highly processed to the point where it loses a lot of its health benefits.


Add 1 tablespoon (2g) to your favourite smoothies or milkshake or whip into chocolate balls, bake into breads, use to create savoury sauces, cakes, raw chocolate or chocolate mousse.

Raw cacao powder can be used 1:1 as a substitute for any recipe calling for cacoa powder.




100% Certified Organic Cacao Powder.



Weight500 g
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Ingredients:100% Organically Grown Cacao.



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Where Does It Come From?

Our certified organic Cacao Powder comes from the Peruvian Amazon. It is fair trade and single origin.
Our Cacao Powder has no fillers, additives and comes to you raw and unprocessed. Discover why so many Australians are replacing their refined Cocoa with our raw Cacao.


81 reviews for Certified Organic Raw Cacao Powder

  1. Sonja (verified owner)

    Great tasting cacao powder. Love that it is organic and good quality.

  2. Dean (verified owner)

    Great in Cooking or on its own, packed full of goodness and ethically sourced 10/10

  3. j.elgueta86 (verified owner)

    Great with oats. Best quality and taste compared to other brands i have tried.

  4. Chris (verified owner)

    Order received promptly. On diet I use cacao with banana and turmeric and cinnamon and coconut milk as a nighttime smoothie in place of a evening meal.

  5. Katinka Allom

    Amazing product

    Love this with smoothies and perfect to flavour nana icecream. Divine!

  6. Rebel

    The only cacao we will buy now!

    This is the best quality cacao and the best tasting! We use it for hot drinks, homemade chocolate, baking and more. It is so versatile and is such a great company to support. The customer service is fantastic and shipping is fast!

  7. Karen

    My favourite cacoa powder

    I’ve been using this product for a few years now and I wouldn’t buy any other cacoa powder as this is the best I’ve ever used… great texture and taste and great value.

  8. Bert

    Best Cacao I have tasted

    Best tasting Cacao. Gives my smoothies a very smooth texture. I just love it.

  9. Kym (verified owner)

    Great Product

    Love this product, I make Hot chocolate with the Cocao, red Maca and Black Maca.. Love the taste.

  10. Bradley Medcroft

    Great taste

    This is the tastiest cacao powder I’ve ever bought – and it works particularly well with green boosters if you don’t like the ‘green taste’. Highly recommended.

  11. Healthy bee

    Gimme more

    I love my chocolate! I need my chocolate! And now I can have it guiltless in lots of different ways thanks to your organic cacao powder! Great product!

  12. Ah Ting (verified owner)

    First time trying it

    We wanted more flavours in our morning smoothie and I love this Raw Cacao Powder. Tasted so good and so rich. Will be trying with different recipes with this!

  13. Dezy

    A delicious treat!

    A high quality product that tastes delicious and is ethically made. I absolutely love it!

  14. Trina

    The Best

    I have never tasted Cocao as good as this. It’s rich, bitter flavour makes a delicious nightcap. Just mix with a little hot water, then add hot milk and sweeten to taste. The added bonus is that you know it it doing you good!

  15. Vicki

    Too good

    My daughter loves the organic raw cacao powder so much she puts it in almost everything! Have to admit I don’t complain because it is really good. Fast postage and after sales contact and top products, I will order again.

  16. Sandy & Shane

    Nothing like it to stop cramps

    received order, unbelievably quick! 1 day, don’t know how you do, from your place to qld, anyway great products, this time il be trying the hemp powder, its a newbie for me, love the cocao powder, nothing like it to stop cramps and just love the maca as well, puts me in a good mood, ran out of these 2months ago and just kept forgetting to reorder, the quality is exceptional, anyways thanks again,

  17. catmandon

    a great cacao powder

    A great cacao powder. Good taste, good colour, and free flowing without lumps.
    I will be reordering this cacao powder again – and again -and…..
    Thank you Forest Super Foods,

  18. Linda

    Love this stuff!

    This cacao powder is excellent quality. Everything from this site is, coupled with the super fast delivery forest superfoods delivers a fantastic service and product.
    I love making my chocolate chip icecream for my family using frozen bananas, this cacao powder, cacao nibs, almond milk, macadamia nuts and raw honey. Sooo good!

  19. Rob (verified owner)

    Good tasting Product

    Ive used the product for some time now… use it with a bit of honey for my protein shakes… tastes good and good for you. Good company

  20. Mel

    Great Product

    Great service great product. Will buy again and highly recommend

  21. JB

    Superb Quality

    Happy customers. Quick delivery, superb quality product and reasonably priced. Thank you

  22. JennyVeg


    Great product- Enjoying drinking with Almond Milk and with the Spirulina and Wheatgrass. Excellent product and
    quick delivery – Thank you

  23. Amy H

    Top quality

    Top quality product would order again

  24. Amy

    Great product!

    Quality cacao!

  25. Mila

    Best ever

    The best I came +
    Thank you so much

  26. Donman

    Thank you

    I had been drinking a dark cocoa until I tasted your cacao and I am pleased to tell you I approve of your product.
    Your courtious service and prompt delivery delivery made this a pleasant transaction.

  27. Lionking

    great product ton’s of energy

    10 out of 10 keep up the good work

  28. Tommo

    Excellent product and service

    The Cacao tastes great and is conveniently packaged for use in a ziplock bag. Delivery was most impressive, ordered Monday, received in southwest WA on Wednesday

  29. A. Anderson

    I feel great!

    I feel great and am well pleased with the speed of delivery, the excellence of your service and the purity of your foods.

  30. zoe

    Organic Raw Cacao powder

    Fast delivery. I have been drinking cocoa for the last few years and decided to try the cacao powder. Must say that it tastes great. Great value for money and would definitely purchase this product again.

  31. Jen

    A pleasant online shopping experience

    Extremely happy with the Organic Raw Cacao Powder. Efficient service with a pleasant online shopping experience. Looking forward to placing my next order with you.

  32. greenfrog

    excellent product

    I have tried other products but there is no comparison, the organic raw cacao is superior and the delivery extra fast

  33. Evelyn


    Good company

  34. Hollie

    Cacao Powder

    I love this product. cacao powder is so versatile and I use it in many recipes. Taste great and no nastys.

  35. David

    Far richer than competitors product

    An easy web site to navigate;prompt delivery-and finally,an excellent product. I say excellent because the powder was so much richer than brand x from the local health shop. Altogether a satisfying experience.

  36. M

    18May 2015

    Very happy with quality of the product and fast delivery. Definitely will be ordering again, thank you.

  37. Eva

    Super Super Super

    Have used raw Cacao for a long time but this is so fresh, so strong! Can’t have it in the evening as it keeps me awake. Love to put a spoon full on my freshly ground coffee beans, yea! Great service! Fast delivery again! I love your website. I appreciate that you actually treat your customers as intelligent people who want to know as much as possible, know the origin of your products and please keep scientific articles coming! Not that they are what is always needed but many customers rely on this. I love your products and have already told my friends about you! Thank you, am glad to have found you!

  38. Simran

    great and healthy alternative to coco

    i no longer use coco in any of my cakes and use this cacao powder intead- it tastes great just like normal coco exept you get all the health benefits from it. great to use for hot chocolate also or adding it to breakfast cereals

  39. Robert

    5 STARS

    Great products! Fast delivery. Very efficient support. That’s what it takes to be a great company. You guys have a high five from us! Please continue the great work in serving health conscious customers.

  40. Rachael

    Best Quality Cacao

    I ordered this yesterday & it turned up at my house this afternoon! Amazing quality cacao, super fast delivery & great customer service as always.

  41. Rowley

    Use of RawCacao powder

    It was found to be an excellent product in every way. Especially for us as we adore choc style rum truffles. The recipe we used with the Cacao powder was so easy to make but sadly so quick to disappear. Thoroughly recommended.

  42. Sarah

    Cacao powedr

    I have tried so many different varieties of cacao powder but no longer will I search for a replacement forest super foods is the best I have found:) thanks for being super suppliers of super foods

  43. Karen S

    So many uses

    I love this cacao, it goes in everything – smoothies, bliss balls, coconut flour muffins, gooey chocolate pudding, and lately, I’ve been adding it to my oats in the morning with a bit of vanilla once it comes off the heat. Chocolate porridge – delicious!

  44. amonaus

    Amazing Product

    Delivery was fast and the product was just what the doctor ordered – what more can one ask for – good work Forest Super Foods

  45. Rorz


    Love this product recommend to all

  46. Bovey

    Superb!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!

    Love it!!!!!! Absolutely love it!!!!!!!! What rich tasting powder!!!!!!!!!!!!! I add it to my muesli and it became chocolate flavoured!!!!!!!! And hey you can tell me it’s loaded with tons of health benefits!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!! Superb!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

  47. EatLiveYoga

    Healthy chocolate:)

    Another awesome product/superfood…love it in my smoothie or muesli in the morning and keeps me energised throughout the day 🙂 thank you

  48. Raman

    My morning and night treat!

    I have been using this in the morning and evening in replacement of my tea. I have used other brands Cacao powders before and have always found them to be bitter. But this one is so smooth, tasty and no bitterness. Add little bit of Stevia and milk and you have your self a yummy indulging Hot Choc without the guilt. I bought myself 1KG and highly recommend you to try this. I will definitely be stocking up on some more in the future.

  49. B

    Rich, perfectly balanced and somewhat fruity flavour.

    Very impressed with the quality and texture of the product itself. The way it makes me feel is even better!

  50. Torzatt (verified owner)


    Beautiful cocoa product. This is a smooth powder without any grit like others I’ve tried. It’s also fresher and flavour is rich.

  51. C.Henke

    cacao powder is great.

    I have combined cacao powder with 6 other super foods and take the blend daily. It replaced multivitamin supplements, and keeps me healthy.

  52. Jess

    Cacao Powder

    Awesome product & super fast delivery!!!
    Thanks guys!

  53. Ali (verified owner)

    Love it!

    Great way to add flavour and nutrition to my smoothies. Excellent when combined with some of the other superfoods which have a taste that takes a little getting used to.

  54. Andy


    Great stuff and better for my teeth than the niblets!

  55. MEGAN

    mmm great

    Love it in cookies, cakes and smoothies

  56. Breeanne

    Great service

    Very happy with the fast delivery and the quality of my purchase.

  57. Monique

    Absolutely love this product

    Smells amazing and tastes amazing! I add this to my morning smoothie with maca powder, chia seeds, coconut water, goji berries, banana, strawberries and blueberries and I love it. Makes a great chocolate flavoured drink and is good for you.

  58. Phil

    Great product

    Great product

  59. Jay

    It’s amazing

    My cacao powder arrived quickly. I had tried it out at a friends and was looking forward to using it at home. I put some in a jar for work too. It is a delicious good-for-you treat. I feel like I am nurturing myself when I have a cacao drink! Cheers

  60. Jade

    Love it!

    Love the quality of the product & the super fast delivery. Raw cacao is so versatile, I add it to so many different things for a chocolate hit without the calories. Try it mixed with a little coconut oil, raw peanut butter & raw honey, & heated in microwave for a sweet coconut chocolate sauce!

  61. Bronnie

    Absolutely love the rich chocolate flavour

    I absolutely love the cacao powder in my morning smoothies. Its rich chocolate flavour is delicious but even better its jammed packed with goodness.

  62. Mary


    My order came scarily fast, and the Cocoa powder is delicious! I love the nutritional information provided about each product too. Thanks!

  63. S. Burns

    Thanks guys!

    Fast delivery and great service. Thanks guys!

  64. Kas Smith


    Delicious flavour

  65. M. Turner


    Brilliant – tastes better than chocolate and its good for you!

  66. M. Maywald

    Fabulous rich full tasting

    Good value and fabulous rich full tasting cacao powder. This has the right consistency and the right flavour. There is complexity but not bitterness. This is the raw organic cacao for me

  67. A. Adoberg


    Great addition to morning smoothies

  68. Rosine J.

    Cacao Powder

    very good

  69. A. Anderson

    Excellent product.

    Could do with two smaller bags rather than one very large kilo bag. It is an awkward size.

  70. Suzanna Talikowski

    Super tasty

    Super tasty

  71. Rebecca C.

    Adds a yummy chocolate taste

    Adds a yummy chocolate taste to shakes and cakes!

  72. Keith R.

    Organic Raw Cacao Powder

    Very pleased with product and excellent service of my order.

  73. Tracy C.



  74. Ange K.

    Super quick delivery!

    I received my order that afternoon- nice work team! And as for the products, I have no complaints! Will de order again!!

  75. Wayne

    Organic Raw Cacao Powder

    One cup of this stuff with a little condensed milk and suddenly life is worth living!

  76. Wayne


    Psychiatrists have said that the feeling you get after eating chocolate is very similar to the feeling you get when your in love: I must admit after my morning Cacao drink I feel much loved, bright eyed and bushy tailed…

  77. Suzanne (verified owner)

    Cacao Powder

    I found exactly what I was looking for, very happy with product. My query was answered quickly and succinctly. Easy to use website, product arrived promptly. Very satisfied with whole experience.

  78. Sarah


    Now I have a legitimate excuse to add a chocolate flavour wherever possible! My morning coffee has now turned into a morning mocha 🙂

  79. P. Fernandes

    Goods shipped to NZ

    Hi, the goods arrived in NZ pretty quickly, prices are cheaper and the quality is awesome. I saw that they now do hemp seeds, would like to try this product very much.
    Nice site, great work guys!

  80. Sandy

    Cacao Powder

    Great product with the bitterness that you would expect it to have being the natural product it is! Flavour outstanding especially when mixed with sweetened yoghurt or when making muffins, bicuits, cakes and hot chocolate!!! YUM!

  81. Melanie


    Great product. Great value.

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