Thank you for your order!

I’ll be honest with you – it hasn’t always been easy running Forest Super Fodos. For many years I barely made enough to pay my rent.

BUT the belief that what I was doing was important kept me pushing forward. 

I remember 20 years ago, in a market somewhere in India, thinking to myself – who wouldn’t be interested in improving their health through food? 

No pharmaceuticals. No chemicals. Just the highest quality, nutrient dense super foods from across the globe.

There’s so much to gain and so little to lose!

At last count we had dispatched over 250,000 orders. That’s not a small feat.

And as far as corny goes this video takes the cake.. but I’m genuine when I say thank you.

Thank you for believing in what we do.

Thank you for investing in your own health.

Thank you for being part of our very special community.

To Your Health,


Justin A H Snyder and the team at Forest Super Foods

My all-time favourite super foods:

Stress + Anxiety
From $59.00 available on subscription from From $47.20 / month
Gut Health
From $49.00 available on subscription from From $39.20 / month

Vitamin Sea

From $79.00 available on subscription from From $63.20 / month
Rest well
From $75.00 available on subscription from From $60.00 / month

3 thoughts on “Thank you for your order!

  1. Kelly Mellor says:

    After several procedures on my hip and trying to avoid all pharmaceutical drugs, I needed some advice on what to order. Ange was amazing and pointed me in the right direction. Just waiting for my Lions Mane and Moringa to arrive 🥳

  2. Rita Black says:

    So lovely being able to actually see you Justin.I have always ‘gone for’. Natural products not the regular drugs that most Drs prescribe. I am 85 yes old and am congratulated regularly on my capacity to get things done .I must admit my spine is a challenge now and am loathe to take medications.
    Thank you for your dedication.

  3. Anne Morrall says:

    Absolutely fantastic.
    Great customer service and the product , I purchased Turkey tail myshroom capsules, they are in a glass bottle . I already feel better 2 days in ,taking these capsules!

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