The Lesson That Made Us The Number 1 Super Food Brand

super foods brand

The first lesson I learnt at business school is you have to make profit your priority.

Luckily for me my grandfather taught me a different way of doing business.
A philosophy that allowed him to go from being broke to operating 3 modest jewellery stores that were thriving for over 30 years, and why just 12 years later, Forest Super Foods has been sold in dozens of countries and is trusted by thousands of Australians to supply the best quality super foods available.
From as young as I can remember, I spent my weekends with him in those jewellery stores. 
The wisdom that we can gain from the older generation is sadly not often recognised until they are gone… but I loved every minute of it. 
One of the lessons he taught me is to always look after your customers and they will look after you.
It’s about creating a reciprocal relationship.. not trying to squeeze every dollar.
It’s why we grow so many of our products in Australia rather than bring them in from overseas at a fraction of the cost.
It’s why we use freeze drying to lock in the most nutrients possible. 
It’s why we sell whole foods with all active compounds intact instead of diluted extracts.
This focus on looking after my customers has worked well for me, just like it did for my grandfather. 
Forest Super Foods has dispatched over 250,000 orders and our google reviews rating is 4.9/5 – that’s pretty amazing I think.
If you have any questions you can reach out anytime, speak with our in-house nutritionist (for free) or ask the 6,000+ strong community members in our Community Facebook Group.

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