How to Make a Balanced Smoothie Bowl

balanced smoothie bowl

Summer’s arrived which means it’s smoothie bowl season in my house. Smoothie bowls are a delicious way to pack in a variety of nutrients from multiple whole food sources.

To create a balanced bowl that keeps me satisfied and doesn’t cause a sugar spike, I always follow the steps below.

Prefer to sip your smoothie? No problem! These tips apply to your blend too.

My Balanced Smoothie Bowl Checklist:

Base: In addition to your favourite fruit, add veggies and leafy greens to form the bulk of your smoothie bowl. I love to add mild-tasting zucchini, cucumber and beetroot, and leafy greens like spinach and kale. 

Add a good source of protein: Protein builds a satiating smoothie, and is an essential nutrient for growth and repair. Great options are hemp, chia or flax seeds, spirulina, and nuts. Our plant-based Hemp Protein is much easier on the stomach than whey, and contains all essential amino acids

Don’t forget healthy fats: Healthy fats keep you fuller for longer and slow down the release of sugars, which is important if you are including sweeter fruits in your smoothie. Nuts, hemp seeds and avocado are great sources.

Super charge with super foods: I love switching up my super foods for a variety of flavours and benefits, but my go-to additions are usually;

Naked Greens for my daily dose of nutrient-packed greens
Camu Camu for collagen production, and a super dose of vitamin c
Raw Cacao for extra antioxidants (and a delicious chocolate flavour)
Toppings: My favourite part! Pour your blended base into a bowl and top with fresh fruits, nuts, seeds or granola – let your imagination run free! I always add a sprinkle of our Western Australian Bee Pollen for some slow-release energy. It tastes amazing too. 
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