Why you should buy Australian Bee Products

Bee farming has become a major industry around the world, but there are some unique challenges associated with it. Honey is big business the world over, and everyone wants a finger in the honey pot, this desire to reap financial benefits from the honey industry has resulted in some very shady practices internationally. The problems of imported honey are many. International beekeepers often use chemical treatments that are prohibited in many other countries and the use of antibiotics to treat diseases can sometimes lead to drug-resistant strains of disease and contaminated honey. Then there is the massive issue of honey fraud. It’s been found that a lot of international honey that makes its way onto Australian shelves is not actually honey, well not entirely anyway. Its a blend of honey and sugar syrup and its saturated the market, and deceived millions of people. To be honest, how would you know right??? Fortunately, Australia has taken steps to ensure that its honey industry is safe and sustainable. Australian honey is produced without the use of antibiotics and is strictly regulated by the government. Furthermore, Australian beekeepers are required to follow best practices when it comes to hive management and honey production. This ensures that the honey produced is of the highest quality and least likely to contain contaminants. The point is when you purchase Australian honey, or bee pollen, you are getting exactly that and nothing else. All of our bee products are 100% Australian, with nothing else, no fillers, no sugar syrups …..Nothing just pure superfoods.
Western Australian Bee Pollen
Raw WA Jarrah Honey TA35+

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