3 Great Reasons To Grow Your Own Food

All through history humans grew their own food. Now we are dependent on the supermarkets to feed us.

And with a number of studies suggesting that the food we buy from these stores has significantly less nutrients than it did 50 years ago, we need to look for other ways to ensure we’re providing our bodies with the nourishment it needs.

If we were to grow more of our own food, we would be just a little bit less dependent on these giant corporations… but there are even more beneficial reasons to grow your own food!

Saves Money

Instead of spending all your time making money, to then give to someone else to grow your food – you could grow it yourself and save your money! Whilst some investment is required in getting set up, being able to grow an abundance of fresh food pays off in the long run.

Even a small herb garden or some counter top micro-greens can help shave extra dollars off your weekly food bill. 

It’s Inspiring – And Enjoyable!

Growing food also allows you to witness a miracle on a daily basis. When a tiny seed turns into kilos of food – that’s a miracle!

Spending time outdoors is also great for improving your mood and reducing stress levels. Finding a new passion is a great way to bring fresh energy into your life too – there’s so much to learn and experience when it comes to growing food.

Access To Nutritious, Fresh Food

There’s nothing fresher or healthier than eating food that you just harvested, and that you have complete control over the conditions its grown in. 

Growing and picking something from your own garden means you can ensure it’s nutrient dense and enjoyed at its freshest. There’s no greater joy than harvesting food and eating it that day for lunch! 

Taking an interest in how your food is grown goes hand in hand with taking an interest in how food affects your health. There’s no greater motivation to eat more whole foods than feeling the benefits of doing so yourself. 

Start growing today and it will change your life in so many ways… if we all grew just 10% of the food we eat that would be a revolution that would change all our lives for the better!

Need more reasons to grow your own food? Check out our Grow Food blog.

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