Bubba the goat

Goats are a never ending source of entertainment for me … and not always in a good way.

When you find out that goats eat weeds – they become a logical addition to the farm – but that’s only half the story. 

The other half of the story is that they are brilliant escape artists,  who will destroy your fruit trees and what’s more… some goats don’t even eat weeds.

Nonetheless we had goats on our farm for many years.

Most days we gave them the majority of our kitchen scraps.

We often have two buckets in the house  – one for animals and the other for the compost pile.

I accidentally put the rhubarb leaves in the animals bucket instead of the compost bucket. 

I didn’t realise until it was in the gut of “Bubba” our beloved goat (below is a photo of Bubba). 

Within 15 minutes Bubba was wobbly on her feet and I knew this wasn’t good. 

BUT I also new nature had the answer.

I ran inside and quickly made her a porridge of oats on the stove. I then stirred in activated charcoal and went outside and hand fed that goat until it was like the whole incident had never happened.

1g of activated charcoal has a surface area of 100m2. This allows it to bind to everything floating around in your stomach.

That’s why it’s my go to if I feel like a meal didn’t go down well or if someone has an upset stomach. 

It’s a great addition to every home first aid kit. 

It’s great for detoxing and removing toxins from the body when needed.

AND because Forest Super Foods is all about sharing the super foods we love with you… we now have steam activated charcoal in stock 

Steam Activated Charcoal

Hope you are smiling whatever you are doing.


To Your Health, 

Justin Snyder 

Activated Charcoal Capsules

1 thoughts on “Bubba the goat

  1. Gretel Aicken says:

    Great story, I and thinking this is also good for other animals to. Ie dogs and cats.
    I am glad Bubba your goat is back on her feet.

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